Business in River Oaks - Houston, TX

Chick-Fil-A is turning up the heat and Texans will help decide if a new menu item goes national.

Vashon Island is known as a hotbed of highly educated, anti-establishment parents who choose not to vaccinate their children.

Our modern sleep patterns are very different to those of our ancestors, so is eight hours of unbroken sleep a night the right model?

The Dynamo and soccer guru, Tom Byer, are partnering up to bring his soccer starts at home movement to the Houston area.

Disagreement among Republicans is becoming apparent over Alabama's law, and Trump sees Democrats taking advantage of that.

Mirand Elish throws her third and fourth complete games of the weekend for the Longhorns, who will meet Alabama in a best-of-three series.

The final "American Idol" contestants competed and a winner was crowned by fans.

Bill Cox responded when Becca Bundy's daughter was having a seizure. Two years later she returned the favor.

Daenerys Targaryen surveys King's Landing as its new queen
Daenerys Targaryen surveys King's Landing as its new queen
Photo: Courtesy Of HBO
Daenerys Targaryen surveys King's Landing as its new queen.
Photo: Courtesy Of HBO
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Some 70-plus hours, eight seasons, and very many dead people later, TV's "Game of Thrones" concluded…

The legislation would have raised criminal penalties — making false statements on a voter registration form, for example, would be treated as a state jail felony — as well as creating new voting offenses.

Farewell Mother of Dragons. The chill of winter came for Houston GOT fans on Sunday night when the season finale was unveiled at Camerata at Paulie's.

Trying to protect first place, Houston gives up two early goals and never recovers

In a season saturated with festivals, Love Street Music Fest stands out as a special tribute to the sublime, psychedelic days of Houston nightlife in the 60's.

In the team's first-ever game defending its spot atop the National Women's Soccer League, the Houston Dash surrendered two goals in the first 15 minutes in a 2-1 losing effort against the Chicago Red Stars at BBVA Compass Stadium on Sunday.