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Houston wedding videography team Meant To Be Films conceived, styled and filmed this ultra romantic bridal shoot. They call it "Modern Amour." We call it...stunning! See the video, along with photos by Stephania Campos Photography!

HB 1021 could have the potential to create losses of $45 million for 71 districts. Tell your senator to support an amendment to return this bill to its original intent
The details of the bill are complicated as they deal with a complex area of school finance. The bill originally would have continued the availability of the "protected taxes waiver" for school districts that have had…

Most Americans won't be audited, but doing these things decreases the likelihood of a letter from the IRS.

The streaming and gaming ban is meant to free up internet bandwidth for academic purposes.

The talk show host says she has been addicted to cocaine in the past and never sought treatment.

The black plume dominating the Houston skyline is a stark reminder that products we rely upon are derived from dangerous processes.

You know poetry, right? It’s that thing that people in cultured clubs shout at you over a jazz saxophonist or read in classes where the books don’t have dragons on the front. You’re not wrong, but there is a lot more than that, something that the new REELpoetry festival is keen to highlight
The format is cinepoetry, a film-centric expression of the medium invented by celebrated surrealist Man Ray in the 1920s. The term encompasses all the intersections of poetry and film, from…

The Environmental Justice Team at Lone Star Legal Aid welcomes you to Environmental Justice News. We’re keeping communities updated on our team’s ongoing environmental law efforts throughout our 72-county service area in Texas
In our newsletter, you’ll find an overview of the types of legal cases we’re currently handling for eligible individuals and organizations who are living in fence-line communities and other areas where environmental justice…

Texas squandered the entirety of a 19-point lead but avoided a complete collapse against South Dakota State Tuesday night in the opening round of the NIT.

With wins in 12 of 13 games, the Rockets will not quibble about a rocky shooting stretch or two. You play to win the game, it has been said, and they keep doing that.

Alex Bregman is stealing the show on one of the league's best teams thanks to his performance on the field and his personality off of it.