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Find out what our shopping sleuths are predicting the Victoria's Secret Labor Days 2019 will be.

With talk of Space Force and Moon colonization, Becky Ferreira explains why it might be time to update our 50 year old space treaty in Document S/S 2019.

After a long wait, New York City finally has a new chief technology officer. John Paul Farmer, a former Microsoft executive and White House technology adviser during the Obama administration, took over the role on June 3, more than a year after Alby Bocanegra began filling in for former CTO Miguel Gamiño.

An agreement would resolve federal and state investigations and consumer claims over the exposure of information about 145 million people.

Department launches new prize for graduate research thanks to generous donation
The winners of the Department’s inaugural Helios Prize – awarded for graduate research in sustainable energy or energy efficiency – have been announced
It’s wonderful to have a prize like this dedicated to research in sustainable energy and energy efficiency – a topic of great magnitude and significance, both to the University and to the…

“The animal doesn’t care if I’m male or female, gay or straight. When I’m steer riding is the one time I can legitimately say I’m not going to be judged.”

Online lenders are using affiliations with American Indian tribes to pitch loans that charge rates of 300% or more and skirt consumer protections.

You can make your iPhone's battery life last longer and cut back on data usage by tweaking the way it refreshes apps in the background. Here's how.

Neumann has spent $80 million on five or more homes since founding WeWork in 2010. His latest purchase: a $21 million home in the Bay Area.

Kathy Zhu received an email Thursday dismissing her as a Miss World America pageant participant and revoking her Miss Michigan World America title.

The kingdom has long been a man’s world, where women have the legal status of children. Do the latest reforms represent progress – or a PR exercise?

Sun, sea and salt wreak havoc on our skin and hair - here's how to save them

Wall Street banks posted second quarter financial results this week that signaled shrinking borrowing costs are hurting margins on deposits.

"The British vessel hit a fishing trawler, which needs to be investigated," the director of the Ports and Maritime Department in Hormuz said.

Both Leave and Remain-supporting politicians are plotting to drag the Queen into Britain's growing Brexit crisis.

There are more licensed boats using Britain’s canals than at the height of the industrial revolution – and barge-based businesses are booming too. Tell us which canal shops float your boat

Second-quarter totals show a lower tier of candidates burning through cash trying to stay viable, while the leaders banked millions. Who has more than 300 people on her payroll?

After calling himself the best player in MLS, Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored all three LA Galaxy goals in a 3-2 win over city rival LAFC.

Yes, air hockey is a professional sport. Join a master and his student on a quest for the championship — and a regulation table that isn’t broken.

In honor of the live-action "The Lion King" hitting theaters this weekend, we rank the best Disney songs from the 1990s and earlier.

99 Bottles (Level 13): 99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer. Take one down, pass it around.... That's 65 checkins with the serving style of Bottle. Try 5 more for Level 14!

Know before you go: Find out which MTA lines have suspended their service Friday due to a network communications issue.

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(November 2017)
Gary Haugen receiving the Trafficking in Persons Report "Hero Award" from Hillary Clinton in 2012
Gary A. Haugen (born 1963 or…

Being a creative warrior and an entrepreneur takes bravery. If you weren’t courageous you wouldn’t have taken the leap to where you are today. But courage is also an ongoing action. To live our best lives we need to be always challenging and pushing at our comfort zone
Margie Warrell is the author of Brave, Stop Playing Safe, and Find Your Courage, as well as a speaker and entrepreneur. She’s talking with me about what it means to be brave every single day.…

The settlement will require the credit reporting firm to make more changes to how it protects and handles consumer data, The Wall Street Journal said.

Workers' Comp and SSDB Attorneys Providing Workplace Safety Tips for the Average Worker by Fine Olin & Anderman

Abstract patterns carved onto bone fragments recently discovered in China could be the oldest art ever made.

After her prison sentence was suspended, she found it difficult to return to her previous field of work - or any job at all. #secondchances www.prison...

Law Student Stalked And Shot, Killer At Large | Beach Lovers Seek To Preserve Historic Coastal Trail | West Nile Season Is Here | Patch PM

While he doesn’t control monetary policy, the least the president can do is prevent the Fed from running the private marketplace amuck by disobeying orders from Congress, the very body that created it in the first place.

Encouraging someone when they’ve hit a wall and are frustrated is, of course, a good thing. Reminding them that it’s “always darkest before the dawn” and “change is right around the corner” is also helpful. But there are times these encouraging words just aren’t enough. When someone is brutally honest and says, “I know. But I’ve been here so many times.” They are tired of the cycle. We all know that cycle. We hit a wall, we pick ourselves up, only to find…

The Palos Verdes High School students were among 16 students from L.A. chosen for the 2019 Milken Scholars program.

Mosquitoes collected in LA County tested positive for West Nile virus — it's the first detection of the virus this year.

Kazakhstan-born and naturalized American Ruslan Maratovich Asainov was arraigned on Friday in New York for providing material support for a terror group after he was captured in Syria as a sniper for the Islamic State, according to National Public Radio. Prosecutors said Asainov fought for ISIS in Syria for five years before he was captured by the Syrian Democratic Forces and handed over to US custody. Asainov, 43, was brought back to the United States on Thursday and was charged on Friday in

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh agrees with the media, who picked the Wolverines to in the Big Ten even though they haven't won a sharer since 2004