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Don't check into the Overlook Hotel without it // The Shining Overlook Hotel Backpack

The 2018-2019 flu season was relatively mild compared to last year's, but it was unusual in that it had two peaks, one in December and one in May.

"I hope my kids watch my life and see that I love Jesus, I love their mom and I love the church."

Your neck needs this // Panic! At The Disco Symbols Logo Necklace

Weathers performs "Dirty Money" at the HT studio. Check it out! Shop band merch: hottopic.me/eLfGRM Subscribe! ⏩ youtube.com/hottopic ----------------...

Different seasons bring different pests and summer is no exception. Look out for termites, bed bugs, and cockroaches in the summer heat.

With June 1 marking the start of Men’s Health Month, our AFC Urgent Care TN team wants the men in our community to start taking time to care for their health. Start here: How Can Men Stay Healthy? It’s not just a rumor that men don’t go to the doctor as much as women. In …

Dear MSN Clients and Friends
The following alert was issued by the US Department of Justice, DEA Diversion Control Division. Please be aware and report any suspicious contact throught the links below
DEA is aware that registrants are receiving telephone calls and emails by criminals identifying themselves as DEA employees or other law enforcement personnel. In an attempt to create the illusion that these criminals are…

It's time to be "all in" and put God first. When you do, He will change your life!
Get the set of messages from the 2019 Fully Alive Conference at Abba’s House. Hear messages from Jentezen Franklin, Bishop Dale Bronner, Dr. Ron Phillips, Dr. Ronnie Phillips, Jr. and more! Get your set on CD or DVD, download mp3 audio files , or stream them on demand anytime !

Despite some overcast skies and a few rain showers, McCallie’s first-ever Dinner in Blue was a huge success Thursday, June 6, 2019.

Key facts to know about Alzheimer's and symptoms to look for
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by Jay Dennis Raising your children is like training soldiers for war. Think about the analogy of being a dad and being a warrior. A warrior knows the enemy. Your child is facing a three-fold enemy…

Spending less time outside and more time in dim artificial light is disrupting our body clocks and undermining our health. The good news? A little daylight goes a long way

Chase Atlantic stopped by the HT studio to perform a stripped down version of "Like A Rockstar". Also, check them out on their world tour starting June 14! S...

Purrrrdy Marie // Disney The Aristocats Marie Mini Backpack

Termites often go undetected for long periods of time before signs of damage are seen. Here are six common signs of termite infestations in your home.

"Tragically the concept of Immanuel has become one primarily relegated to Christmas."

Celebrate all things Panic! At The Disco // Panic! At The Disco Icon Earring Set

Tick bites are most common during the summer, when the weather is warmer and people spend more time outdoors
There are 11 types of tick-borne diseases in the United States, but Lyme disease is the most common, with more than 30,000 cases reported annually. Early symptoms of a tick-borne illness usually occur within three to 30 days of a bite, and are flu-like, such as body and muscle aches, fever, rash, fatigue, and headache. If the illness goes untreated, symptoms can progress to…

This hoodie - you have to not see it to believe it! // Green Camo Hoodie

People Love Beets // The Office Schrute Farms Beets Lanyard

A marriage should share a common vision and a common set of values. The stronger the vision for a marriage's mission, the stronger the marriage itself.

"When we encounter all of God's Word, we begin to see that God is active in his goodness."

"Christianity is not an individual thing we do. It's a team sport. We lean on this Word together."

Grohl once crashed Panic! at the Disco’s dressing room and inspired the group to drink before taking the stage.

Make a splash // Loungefly Disney The Little Mermaid Ariel Aqua Tote Bag

There are people who equate hearing God with mental illness, but Pastor Ronnie shows us that God does still speak and helps us to hear His voice.