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A Congressional overhaul of U.S. bankruptcy law may be keeping financially struggling people out of bankruptcy court, but it hasn’t kept them from going broke, researchers have found.

More and more seniors are seeking Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection in retirement. How do bankruptcy and retirement funds interact?

For some older Americans, bankruptcy can provide much-needed relief from debt while protecting retirement assets.

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Filing for bankruptcy typically means taking a big hit on your credit score, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re shut off from new credit entirely. A bankruptcy filing on your credit…

Crude-oil prices plunged more than 5% to trade near $30 a barrel, making the specter of bankruptcy ever more likely for a significant chunk of the U.S. oil industry.

One third of working-age cancer survivors go into debt, and 3 percent file for bankruptcy, according to a new study.

A bankruptcy discharge is a court order issued at the end of a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 case that removes your personal liability for debts.

Residential Capital LLC can’t use the pending examiner’s report to justify a nine-month expansion of the exclusive right to propose a reorganization plan, Aurelius Capital Management LP argued in papers filed yesterday in bankruptcy court.

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs don’t just have startup experience — they also have start-over experience. Such is the case with these three successful entrepreneurs, all of whom have filed for personal bankruptcy. Despite ruined…

When Roddey Player's business started heading south, he did everything he could to avoid the big failure: bankruptcy. But what's painful for Roddey might just be the secret weapon of the U.S. economy.

Bankruptcy Law is a specialty of the lawyers at Locke & Witte. Our Fort Wayne bankruptcy lawyers will help you find the appropriate avenue for your situation.

A witness for Verizon Communications Inc. from JPMorgan Securities Inc. testified that yellow-page unit Idearc Inc. was a “very good ongoing company” when it was spun off from the parent in 2006.

A federal lawmaker is proposing to ban bankruptcy trustees from trying to claw back tuition money from universities and, in some cases, college students themselves.

In my practice, I see it all the time: an elderly couple come to talk about their debts. Inundated by credit cards and living on a fixed income, they see no hel

I seem to spend a lot of time educating people that most everything they know about bankruptcy is just plain wrong. In fact a friend of mine just told me...

Eight years ago, Vince Young was, in the words of one headline writer, inVINCEable. Today, he’s bankrupt. Young, 30, the former University of Texas and NFL quarterback and favorite son of Houston’s…

So you filed for bankruptcy and received your discharge. Here are five steps to take to help get you back on the road to financial recovery.

The paperwork that people and businesses use to file for bankruptcy protection is being replaced next month with forms that have clearer, easier-to-understand instructions. Some folks say that’s a bad thing.