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Need a storage space? Value Store It has safe and secure self storage facilities for rent in Florida and Massachusetts. Learn more here.

The impact glass windows and doors are a great way to provide safety and security to your properties. Give us a call today!

Should you seat incomplete parties at your restaurant, or require all guests be present before a group gets a table? These pros and cons will help you decide.

Life-changing experiences can occur regardless of how long you've been on the job

We’re NCR, and we’ve been shaping the future since 1884. A global tech company changing how people everywhere bank, shop, eat, and travel. Guess you could say we were a tech company before there were tech companies.

Regardless of how prosperous your #restaurant is, there may always be a level of uncertainty. Developing a strategy for sales, employee turnover and profits is the key to a better night's sleep.

High-poverty schools are hit the hardest when it comes to a lack of fully certified and experienced teachers, a new report from the Economic Policy Institute says.

Inspectors will primarily conduct Level I inspections on most rigs checked during the three-day blitz. Level I inspections are the most thorough, including examination of both driver compliance and vehicle-related violations.Inspections will include checks of brakes, cargo securement, lights, steering, suspension, tires and more.

Some sports suit children with asthma better than others. Learn which sports are best for those that have difficulty breathing when exercising.

Beaches, amusement parks, national parks, and an array of unique tourist attractions make Florida one of the most visited states in America. Families flock to Orlando, while sunseekers head to the coastal cities like Miami, Fort Lauderdale, a string of cities along the southern Gulf Coast, and in summer, to the brilliant white-sand beaches of the Florida Panhandle. For a taste of island life there is nothing quite like the Florida Keys, where life runs at a slower pace and Key West seems…

Customers are becoming more expectant, complaining at higher volume across an increasingly disparate selection of channels. How does a company's compla

Are you one of the thousands across the country that are struggling with your weight? If you answered yes, you are definitely not alone. The unfortunate truth is you have a lot of company. According to data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey: More than one in three adults were considered overweight. More ...

Stream live sports, watch game replays, get video highlights, and access featured ESPN programming on your computer, mobile device, and TV with WatchESPN.

We gathered some of the biggest, most exciting, and most expensive pro sports projects currently under construction in the United States.

These 12 guys didn’t go to college, instead jumping straight to the pros back in the days when such a move was fair game. But…imagine if they did?

Stream live sports, watch game replays, get video highlights, and access featured ESPN programming on your computer, mobile device, and TV with WatchESPN.

As a small business owner, you can’t afford to waste a dime. Yet you may be spending more money than […]

Glenda Bush Walker is the BEST closing agent I've ever worked with! During my 17 years in real estate, no one comes close to the knowledge that Glenda has. She is always in a good mood, smiling and eager to help out. She is a huge asset to Trident Title.

We offer local Florida services including: title insurance, closing & escrow, recording & special projects, UCCPLUS insurance, and 1031 exchanges. We are dedicated to ensuring your transaction is handled with accuracy, honesty and efficiency from initial contact to closing.

As generations change, so do our motivations and our methods of learning and training

Having your mom around when you start a business can be very rewarding. It’s also what makes Sarah and Donna Seward a sweet mother-daughter duo. […]

How do you increase revenue growth? In a survey, the No. 1 strategy small business owners planned to use in […]

For our D date, we decided to scrap the activity altogether and just focus on food. I guess technically we did go out to dinner , which is a treat for us. (We cook at home almost every night and get take out every now and then. We rarely go out to dinner just the two of us unless it’s a special o

Gulf Coast Village celebrates 30 years of serving seniors in Southwest Florida by expanding services. Gulf Coast Village, the premiere Continuing Care Retirement Community in Cape Coral, is celebrating its 30th anniversary by better positioning itself for future growth. - PR12759982

Irritable bowel syndrome, also known as IBS, is a condition affecting the large intestine or colon. It is associated with a variety of symptoms, including abdominal discomfort and diarrhea. The exact cause of irritable bowel syndrome is not known and the condition tends to affect women mor

Fuss-free tips and tricks to get your house clean using natural products you can find in the UK

Order official VISIT FLORIDA magazines, maps and brochures, or browse online e-books and pamphlets to plan your vacation in the Sunshine State.

Will Support U.S. Air Force Mission Expanding Access to Space CENTREVILLE, VA (March 12, 2019) – Parsons today affirmed the award announced on February 8,

Clifford Will, distinguished professor of physics at the University of Florida College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, will receive the 2019 Albert Einstein Medal from the Albert Einstein Society in Bern, Switzerland this summer.

Embracing a green lifestyle is a great way to help the environment and improve your health. From changing your commute to work to creating a green home, learn how to live a more sustainable life with these easy tips and ideas to be more eco-friendly every day!