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I wanted to take a moment to thank all the amazing Quora True Crime Space followers, fabulously knowledgeable TC contributors and all the people who just stop to check out the great True Crime stuff here and leave comments or upvotes
It’s hard to believe we crossed 45,000 followers.
Image Courtesy Of Hairboutique - All Rights Reserved
I truly appreciate all of you very much but wanted to give a special shout out to the following people who go way above and beyond…

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K-pop stars before and after plastic surgery
A growing number of K-pop stars are going public about their dramatic cosmetic surgeries.

Karen Marie Shelton , Multi Media Magazine Consumer Hair Editor (2000-present)
Love Locks traditionally consist of a padlock and a key
Although a padlock and a key seems like a mundane object it is in fact a magical charm directly tied to love.
Love Locks on Bridge in Pont des Arts, Paris - June 29, 2013, Image by Disdero
Love Locks can be worn as a charm on a necklace or a bracelet which adds additional symbolism of love between the giver and…

Post about Waves, curls, coils or kinks only need to be categorized into a hair typing system when trying to determine treatment, maintenance or hair product plans to utilize.

HAMMOND — Southeastern Louisiana University’s student newspaper, The Lion’s Roar, recently received several awards from the Louisiana Press Association Better Newspaper Contest for 2019.

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The consensus on the best shampoo for short, curly hair is entirely a matter of personal opinion
Image Of Young Woman With Short Naturally Curly Hair - Image By Hairboutique - All Rights Reserved
Look For The Following Shampoo Characteristics
If I had to suggest a shampoo which is most likely to provide an excellent, effective or desirable result for short, curly hair, I would suggest a cleansing formula with the…

Richard “Dickie” Whitson of Springfield has been elected president and chairman of the board of directors for 2019-20 Southeastern Louisiana University Alumni Association.

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Yes, I was married for several years to a very petite Filipina (about 5′ and 75 pounds) and I’m a kinda skinny non-impressive guy myself. We’d gotten off the train and were walking along a stretch of avenue without housing two blocks from my home and a block from “The Projects” — three 25-story very-low-income apartment buildings grouped together as a unit complex. We were dressed neatly (She liked to be…

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When I was in cosmetology school one of the first things I got in trouble for was trying to sneak in my favorite shampoo and conditioners
Since I went to a Paul Mitchell cosmetology school all students and instructors were only allowed to use Paul Mitchell brand products.
While we were in school we were taught to eyeball how much shampoo to used based on the client’s hair type, texture, length…

Comfortable Fila slides carry you through the summer:• synthetic upper• slip-on slide style sandal• comfy cushioned footbed• thick sole• added traction

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The words, letters and numbers used to describe cancer can be confusing, but they are essential not only for the doctors caring for patients, but also for patients, family and friends to understand a cancer diagnosis. This guide will explain some of the medical terms and offer insight into what different cancer stages mean for patients’ care.
What is cancer staging?
Cancer staging describes…

Southeastern Louisiana University Theatre Department alumni will return home this summer for the collaborative production of “Moon Over Buffalo.”

Southeastern Louisiana University English Instructor and nationally- recognized poet Alison Pelegrin has received a $34,000 Awards to Louisiana Artists and Scholars grant to fund the completion of …

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I hate to admit this, but there is no real rhyme nor reason to why I ever answer questions on Quora
Yes, sometimes I will make it a point to answer questions from the Quorans I follow and adore.
I’m human, I have favorites, so sue me.
Image Of Answers And Questions Buttons - Courtesy Of Hairboutique - All Rights Reserved
Yes, I founded the first consumer hair and beauty website…

The proverbial Bat Signal has been shining over the streets of Hollywood, and TWILIGHT star Robert Pattinson has responded. To be fair to Pattinson, however, if you still only know him as Edward...

The superhero genre is red hot at the moment. AVENGERS: ENDGAME is dangerously close to dethroning James Cameron’s AVATAR as the highest-grossing movie of all time. The X-Men are back in theatres...

The final day for Southeastern Louisiana University students to apply to graduate in summer 2019 is June 17, the university announced today.

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It all depends upon your definition of “hair bouncing”
Does that mean wearing hair which is long enough to have movement and bounce to flow freely while walking, running or undertaking normal human activities?
Or does that mean getting in a convertible vehicle with the top down so hair bounces in the wind as the vehicle moves?
Or does it mean hair bouncing freely while doing exercising?
Bottom line? When hair…

Sharing dresses, dresses and more dresses in this LIVE stream video with JCPenney. If you are in need of some dresses this summer season, you won't want to m...

Southeastern Louisiana University’s public radio station KSLU has received a Communicator Award of Distinction from the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts for its long running program “Rock School.”

From future students taking a campus tour to fans attending an athletic event, we welcome all visitors to Southeastern.

Get your workout in prime condition:• mesh and synthetic upper combination• lace-up front closure• lightly padded collar and tongue• pull-tab on heel for an easier on and off• cushioned insole for long-lasting comfort• durable rubber outsole for traction

Quentin Tarantino brings the Hollywood of 1969 roaring back to life in his new movie, ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD. Set during the same hot summer when Charles Manson and his “family” terrified...

Over 60 students at Southeastern Louisiana University were recently inducted into the university’s chapter of the prestigious national honor society, Phi Kappa Phi.

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October may be the month of horror, but really, there’s no bad time to sit down with a horror film. Luckily for those who just can’t wait for a heavy dose of spooky stuff, there are plenty of movie...

Most movie fans love to rank their favorite films. It’s an icebreaker that kicks off countless conversations. “What’s your favorite STAR WARS film?” “Who is your favorite James Bond?” “If you could...

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When Daniel Bae notices Natasha Kingsley in a crowded train station, it’s love at first sight. Cue the classic grand gesture of him chasing after her to win her over. Only, Natasha is not a...

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