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Dr. David Callender, who led The University of Texas Medical Branch for more than 10 years and through a massive rebuilding effort after Hurricane Ike, will leave at the end

Cold fronts that reach the Texas coast in July are about as rare as penguins in the Amazon. Still, it seems as though we have a good chance for a

The spread indicates that sargassum seeds are taking hold and creating larger blooms outside the seaweed’s natural habitat, the Sargasso Sea, a large patch of the Atlantic Ocean named for

The Texas Department of Transportation has issued 5,500 medical priority boarding passes, which is enough for everybody living on Bolivar Peninsula to have two.

by Melynda Harrison - I’m lying, stomach-down, in a little chute, gripping a boogie board beneath me. I’ve ridden them in the ocean before, but this is my first time riding an artificial wave. The

Ice shows inspire awe in everyone regardless of whether they’re six or sixty. But, because everything is made of such a delicate material, the conditions need to be absolutely perfect otherwise disaster can strike; and who really wants to go to a melting exhibition?

Mexico or Houston!? I was blown away by the Moody Gardens Rainforest park. I traveled south from Houston to Galveston to capture some tropical themed looks because #summercontent. I am so drawn to pol

HTX+ is up close with the Amazon giant river otters that Moody Gardens is hoping to bring back from the endangered list.

KIXS 108 presents the 108 Days of Summer presented by Compadres Design Inc. Here is your chance to win awesome prizes ALL SUMMER LONG! We have tickets

10 a.m.-4 p.m
Educational/interactive booths featuring Texas Scuba Adventures, Sport Divers Houston, Moody Gardens and more (Free!)
Try scuba diving in a fun and easy environment with the Go Dive Now Pool. All that is required is a swimsuit – we provide the rest! (Free!)
10 a.m
4 p.m.
Film screening of “The Smog of the Sea.” The film explains how microplastics in the world’s oceans…