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Tuesday, January 08, 2019
When Keetra Baker received her first camera at age 13, she was drawn to photograph the outdoors. The Fond du Lac native would bicycle around town, seeking out the nooks and crannies at the Dutch Gap and Lakeside Park, where her camera would capture hometown wildlife. Baker will share her knowledge at Nature Photography 101 at 6 p.m. Tuesday, January 8, at the Fond du…

Use these tips to keep pests away from firewood and learn about the dos and don'ts of storing firewood.

Doing proactive sweeps cuts down on heavy infestations by detecting and treating problems early on to prevent bed bugs from becoming a major problem.

Renters insurance is often overlooked. It is critical in protecting you and your possessions if an issue arises while renting an apartment or home.

Looking to add a new read to your favorite bookworm’s shelf? We’ve rounded up the perfect books for every kind of reader.

Bob Vila offers several tips on stopping winter pests from invading your home. Read more on PestWorld.org to find out about winter pest control and prevention.

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HAPPY MONDAY SABRES! Well it has finally come... finals week. I spent all weekend grinding and finishing up projects. After a few mini panic attacks I sorted my

Bedbugs are always a scary possibility, but sometimes what you think are of bed bugs are actually something else.

Traveling happens all year round. Keep yourself from being at risk of getting bugs while traveling by learning to inspect your surroundings.

25 Days of Christmas started this weekend and I am excited! I carved out a few hours to binge watch some heartwarming cheesy Christmas romances and it was great

Add eggs into mixture, mixing well after each egg
Add vanilla and almond extract
Mix until light and fluffy
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Continue adding flour ingredients until everything is incorporated
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Adult readers who gravitated toward the intricate world-building of Harry Potter or reveled in the dark trickeries of Philip Pullman's The Golden Compass will find themselves ensnared by A Winter's Promise. While marooned without allies in a magical court that has no use for her aside from her opaque role in a complex political game, Ophelia quietly develops a spine of steel that she must employ time and again to thwart enemies both obvious and veiled. A Winter's Promise is less a coming-of-age…

Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs, invasive Asian species, can damage crops, stink up buildings.

Hanukkah is known as the Festival of Lights, a name that has significance every year, but perhaps is especially meaningful in 2018. Rabbi Audrey Korotkin of T

Learn how to pest-proof your home for the winter months with nine tips from the National Pest Management Association. Pest-proofing will help keep mice, ants, and other bugs out of your home year-round.

Is this just fantasy? No, it's our Chanukah tribute to one of the greatest and most epic songs of all time. Ready, Freddie? Kindle the lights, remember the M...

I absolutely love Cyber Monday because I am a #Shopaholic. I have been up and glued to my computer screen since 8 am. So, far I have located a huge deal on swea