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On the 737 MAX Boeing compensated for larger engines with an intended safety feature where if the Angle of Attack sensor detected too steep of a pitch, the MCAS system would push down the nose of the plane. The A321neo seems to have a tendency to pitch up as well.

What will our future workforce look like? Experts have come together in a new report to predict 100 jobs of the future.

Nineteen people have died from consuming alcohol tainted with toxic levels of methanol in Costa Rica, where the Ministry of Health issued a national alert.

CORETEC PLUS 5″ PLANK – GOLD COAST ACACIA Vinyl has advanced as a building material over the last century.  From house siding to countertop solutions, all the way to flooring alternativ…

Since we know how confusing determining a home’s architectural style can be for homeowners, we would like to share with you some essential specifics for the three following styles: Contempora…

In 2016, Bandai Namco put together a North American tour for Tekken 7 before its console release, bringing arcade boards to tournaments around the country to...

From classic cabernet to chardonnay, Binny's offers a variety of top-rated wines at great prices. Shop our wine selection online and in stores.

Gary Chang
People are always asking, “Where do we get our ideas?” Our Design Toscano buyers search all around the world discovering unique antiques and incredible artists with distinctive ideas and innovative sculptures.
We at Design Toscano took some time to sit down with acclaimed dragon and gargoyle artist Gary Chang to find out more about the inspiration behind his incredible works

Murakami has curated 90 of the coolest brands in fashion and lifestyle for ComplexCon. drink and culture. Limited Tickets Available

Fresh tuna steaks are versatile and easy to cook. Follow these tips and directions for grilling, skillet-cooking, and baking fresh and delicious tuna.

Deep pockets in mold cavities can be difficult to machine. Toolholder length-to-diameter ratios are stretched to the max and cutting forces are high. Without the right toolholder, these conditions create the perfect storm for chatter, poor tool life and failing quality control molds. To avoid such problems, consider a wide range of factors when selecting a long-reach toolholder.

Blessed Union Renaissance Arch Sculptural Lunetta
Since ancient times plaster had been used to replicate art and sculptures to honor gods, study human and animal anatomy, and to produce masks, taken from the living and dead to capture the image of kings and famous people. Making plaster cast figurines had become the foremost way to preserve a visual history for future

The 2019 Techstars Farm to Fork class is composed of an incredibly diverse set of amazing people and ideas. Founders will be joining us in Saint Paul, Minnesota from all over the world including companies from Australia, Canada, India, Israel and the United States! Agri-food, food tech, farm to fork – as more and more …

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The Tool Pro is a unique tool holding device for the assembly and disassembly of tooling systems. Depressing the large gold button permits the adapter to rot...

Firefox 68 is available today, sporting support for big integers, whole-page contrast checks checks for accessibility, and a completely new implementation of a core Firefox feature: the ever-awesome URL bar. ...

It is crucial to have a set of guidelines and principles of what you need and expect in your flooring investment before buying.  Knowing what different floors are capable of and their strengths and…

Universal Spill Kits for fast response for emergency oil, water-based and chemical liquid spills.Battery Acid Spill Kit is ideal for responding quickly to spilled battery acid; kit contain everything required to handle a spill.

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“Water is the driving force of all nature.”–Leonardo de Vinci
Want to create a peaceful spot for meditation, add the lyrical sound of water music, and freshen up a pond, pool or water feature? Here are a few ideas that I hope will inspire you…
Pond Spitters will fill the demand as they are available in hundreds of whimsical, elegant and creative

Tile can add a stunning look to any room while giving it a more elegant, sophisticated, and luxurious feel. There are many beautiful tiles available on the market today, but the attractive look of …

Charif Zahrane, Director of Technology for Ojai Valley Inn, speaks about how Oracle Hospitality enables the resort to create exceptional guest experiences.

Vivino expands globally with BigCommerce Enterprise. Learn more about why they chose BigCommerce for their wine ecommerce solution.

If you are planning on upgrading your site, you may be wondering if you should upgrade to Drupal 8, or if you should wait for Drupal 9. Why not both?

Mouser Electronics, Inc., the authorized global distributor with the newest semiconductors and electronic components

Meet the Oracle MICROS Compact 310 and 310R, a Compact and ruggedized POS. Compact, Versatile and Robust they are ideal for hospitality use.