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After the tests I made in the last video, I decided to cut two legs off my PCB robot to reduce the weight. The behavior of the robot was completely different...

What are the consequences of doing nothing/not changing? The answer to this question is the single most important issue in every sales opportunity. Yet, when I ask this question in deal reviews, fe…

The new assembly line will allow Airbus to accelerate production of its A220 passenger jet and will increase its Mobile workforce by over 430 employees.

Zantech IT Services, a technology solutions company, is expanding its corporate offices in the Tysons area of Fairfax County, VA.

Tyler Technologies will create over 200 tech-related jobs and create a national hub for its appraisal and tax operations.

Penske technicians play a vital role in the success of both fleets, making sure the Wienermobile and NUTmobile vehicles are in optimal condition.

Just for 5$ turn your RC car into Smart one.Car is controlled via Bluetooth (Android App) , PWM signals are used for speed control. PSoC4 MCU Breakout board ...

Do you want to increase your effectiveness when it comes to prospecting? Are you concerned that you don’t have enough leads or are not closing enough sales? Are you just trying to figure out what to do? You probably are saying "yes" to at least one of these questions. These are real world issues tha

Learn from a case study that examines the joint venture Gesundes Kinzigtal, illuminating some of the issues facing the German healthcare system and how population-based-integrated care may address them.

A few years ago, I was talking to a successful colleague who also is in the sales-training business. Pete had just returned from an appointment where the purpose was to close a $100K deal. Upon arriving at the company, his supposed-to-be new client apologized and said the company had decided to sell the firm.

It’s festival season! As music fans, we love going to concerts throughout the year, but there’s something special about festivals. You get the chance to see multiple artists on a big stage, outside, surrounded by hundreds or thousands of others who are just as excited as you are. Plus, festivals are about more than music.