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The death of a loved one can create numerous psychological issues, including PTSD, particularly if the loss was tragic and unexpected.

DIY home décor is always popular here. The simple and easy decorating projects will not cost you a lot, but a little creativity can make your home refreshing and interesting. We gathered this smart collection of home decor ideas for you, they are borderline genius! Try this one: have you ever thought that tape, origami or toilet […]

A peek into life at DC’s best adult education and job training institution.

You’re invited to Oxon Run park for this free festival!

Governor Cuomo, Senate Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins, and Assembly Speaker Heastie have announced an agreement on the 2020 budget that would hold spending growth at 2% for the ninth consecutive year.

New York lawmakers are expected to begin passing a $175 billion state budget plan worked out by Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo and leaders of the Democrat-controlled Legislature.

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Individuals who suffer from bipolar disorder are significantly more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol than those who do not. Recovery is possible.

Sobriety for Women is a blog specific to women in sobriety or looking for help. Our articles are written by women like you, to be shared with women like you. Every week we feature a new writer. So if you have something on your mind submit and article, we’d love publish it
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As the planet gets warmer, scientists say, diseases like Zika, chikungunya and dengue will continue spreading farther north.

In the “Underwater Homeowners Association,” neighbors become climate-change advocates by focusing attention on the future of real estate in flood-prone Miami

Feinstein Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery located in Delray Beach will help you with your botox, skin cancer treatment, or dermal fillers.

Now, more than ever, men want to look younger too! Yes, guys...Brotox (Botox® for men) is not just for the ladies. This popular treatment is also great for keeping your skin looking younger and refreshed. Women are no longer the only ones seeking anti-aging and facial rejuvenation procedur

President Trump said at a rally on Thursday that he backed the “full funding” for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, though his 2020 budget proposal calls to cut funding for the initiative by 90 percent.

Are healthcare systems and manufacturers ready to embrace evidence-based pricing to lessen the impact of upfront costs of advanced therapies?

What's really keeping us awake at night? Why does our anxiety have such a propensity to attack us when we try to sleep?

The road is long for marijuana legalization. The industry continues to grow, and there will be casualties of all sorts along the way.

Nurse 1 is a Home Health Care Provider in Delray Beach, Florida. They offer care services to disabled, ailing, and elderly individuals in their own residences. They provide services as Home Health Care Provider on Skilled Nursing, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Home Health Aide, and Medical Social Services.

Impaired smell is common, particularly in the elderly, but in about one in six people, no cause can be identified.

It’s no secret that as we age, we lose collagen and elasticity in our skin which is what gives our skin strength, and when it begins to disappear, wrinkles begin to appear. We want to introduce you to microneedling in Delray Beach. Think facial rejuvenation and beyond.
What Is Microneedling?

We must continue to fight the administration’s attacks on America’s bedrock protections.