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Preparing for Orientation and Enrollment
Complete the pre-orientation program (POP)
You should start this required program at least two weeks before orientation. It will help you learn about the requirements for your major and introduce you to tools and resources.
To access the program, log in to MyNIU . Click on Student Center, then click on the pre-orientation program link in the upper left corner. Turn your speakers on for the embedded videos. You can leave the program at any…

Updated at 4:56 p.m. ET Peril from foreign interference in American elections will persist through the 2020 presidential race, former special counsel

Make your college years count by getting involved at NIU! With over 325 student organizations on campus, you will be sure to find one (or more) that interests you. The Involvement Fair is an opportunity for you to learn more about what numerous student organizations and departments have to offer. You will also have an opportunity to meet student organization leaders, NIU staff and faculty members and not-for-profit community agencies.
President’s Welcome Back Picnic

Backed by 125+ years of tank building heritage, CST is the firmly established leader in bolted and factory-welded steel tanks. Offering the best and longest lasting coatings for fire protection storage - TecTank™ Trico Bond EP® epoxy and Aquastore® Vitrium™ glass-fused-to-steel - we have proven experience in designing solutions that meet your requirements
Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility, CST tanks meet or exceed NFPA-22…

"Leaders are influential not only for their own strengths — but rather because they are skilled in motivating people to grow their own talents."

It's already well established for some items - think tuxedos - so why not extend it?

From changing industries, to shunning glamorous jobs and finding a mentor - here are five alternative ways to achieve your career goals.

1. Know when to apply
The application deadline for fall 2019 is August 1, 2019.
You'll need to apply earlier if:
You want to be considered for a transfer merit scholarship .
You're petitioning for a review of an admission decision.
2. Review admission requirements.
The number of credit hours you've earned.
If you have an associate degree.
3. Explore our majors.
If you haven't decided on a major, spend some time exploring our undergraduate degree programs . You'll be sure to find…

Dear cooking volunteers,
In August, we have 7 weekend and 4 weeknight meals that remain unscheduled. If your team can step in, or you know of a group who might, please let me know .
For August, we should have potatoes, green beans, cucumbers, & tomatoes from our garden. Please email if you'd like to pick them up to use in your meals. We have little to give, but we have veggies. And gratitude for your generosity.
All the best,

A new, surprisingly simple, alternative to pumped-hydro has been developed by a start-up.

The invasive eating machine originated in the Americas, where it was first described in 1797, but in the last few years it has gone global.

AI has already revolutionized a number of industries. Could it do the same for fashion?

Published in 2013, the novel tackles the topic of e-waste in the Guangdong province of China. The author was one of The World Economic Forum's cultural leaders at the Annual Meeting of New Champions 2019.

The magazine Science Fiction World has played a crucial role in Chinese sci-fi’s rise to acclaim - here's how.

Illinois’ new infrastructure plan has money set aside to help residents secure affordable housing across the state. This is the first capital plan in 10

As the WTO’s Aid for Trade initiative comes under review, here are the key issues to consider in the context of today's fast-changing global trading system

India is a country of contrasts. It is home to a $160 billion tech services industry, while also buffeted by environmental and social challenges - and this makes it fertile ground for globally scalable, tech-driven solutions.

Huawei continues to dominate the news headlines. Here's what you need to know about the Chinese tech giant and why it’s holding the attention of consumers and policymakers alike.

After three days in Dalian covering everything from the future of trade to the history of whales, here's a look back at some of the key moments from this year's Annual Meeting of the New Champions.

Advances in molecular science and the genetics of ageing could see those born today potentially living to 150. As the prospect of extended longevity comes within reach, clinicians and experts are debating what a meaningful life for 11 billion people would look like. What if living to 150 becomes the new norm
Join an in-depth discussion that explores the possible, plausible and probable impacts of cutting-edge…

PepsiCo-owned Lay’s chips cracked the fifth spot of Kantar’s Global Ranking Top 50, while Grupo Bimbo remained one of the Top 20 most chosen brands on the planet.

Whether it's storytelling, videos or gamification, we need new learning pathways that tailor curricula to the ways in which each student learns best.

The giant waste-to-energy plant, which will be covered in 40,000 square metres of solar panels, will be able to combust around a third of Shenzhen’s waste.

The body’s first line of defence could hold the key to a new generation of treatments, argues a leading cancer researcher.

As the world’s largest tank manufacturer of both bolted steel and welded steel storage tanks, CST has the knowledge to repair a variety of steel tanks and pr...

The regulatory grey zones of China's biotech ascendancy enter the spotlight at the World Economic Forum in Dalian, China.

Here are five of the best articles we have published in the run-up that touch on the main themes of this year's Annual Meeting of the New Champions.

Also in this week's round-up: urban 'clean air' shelters, Bangladesh's digital transformation, and the world's strangest cycle paths.

The Supreme Court has ruled that police may, without a warrant, order blood drawn from an unconscious person suspected of driving under the influence of

The 2020 fiscal year (July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020) appropriation for the Monetary Award Program (MAP) is $451,341,900
MAP Recompute Formula
The fiscal year 2020 (FY20) state operating budget includes an increase in the MAP appropriation of $50 million. The additional funding allowed changes to be made in the Recompute formula. On June 24, the ISAC Commissioners approved the 2019-20 Recompute MAP eligibility formula eliminating the…

A green tech start-up entrepreneur, the leaders of international companies and a UAE education minister join forces this July to co-chair the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions (AMNC).

From trade to technology and the media, here's how women in the least developed countries can lift themselves up and transform their countries' future.

The former deputy governor of the Bank of England discusses ways to address inequality.

In less than a year, world leaders will meet at the UN Ocean Conference – overfishing should be near the top of their agenda.

What combination of subjects and learning styles can best prepare us for the changes that emerging technologies will bring to our society?

Glass fused to steel or bolted steel tanks are preferred over concrete tanks, pre-stressed concrete storage tanks and welded steel tanks.

A mix of environmental awareness and progressive policy-making is regenerating rainforests in the country.

Entrepreneurs must start by trying to solve a real problem and build in consumer safety features from the outset.

Smuggling services that cater specifically to the elderly, pregnant women or even children are available - if one can get hold of enough money.

India and Bangladesh are reviving centuries-old waterways that once moved goods and people throughout both countries - to promote trade, attract investment, and stimulate development.