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3 steps that we take to tackle the issue of 'car dominance' in the city.

With around 800 million jobs set to be replaced by automation in the next decade, it's time we had a new lexicon to talk about work, says Richard Baldwin, author of The Globotics Upheaval.

What combination of subjects and learning styles can best prepare us for the changes that emerging technologies will bring to our society?

Giant data sets and huge collections of data form what has been termed “big data.” Data groups that are so large they become difficult to process and manipulate. What can you do to manage these monstrous throngs of information and how can LTO technology help? Let’s take a close look. Data about Big Data Organizations...

The annual Global Peace Index reveals the most – and least peaceful – countries in the world.

Around two-thirds of extreme weather - such as storms and droughts - showed a link to human-caused climate change.

Average waiting time for hitchhikers in Ireland: less than 30 minutes. In southern Spain: more than 90 minutes.

A mix of environmental awareness and progressive policy-making is regenerating rainforests in the country.

Washington D.C., Tel Aviv, Oslo and Melbourne all made the top 10.

The moral debate surrounding meat consumption has raged for centuries.

Mohamed Salah could be doing more for his adopted city of Liverpool than helping bring home the Champions League trophy for a sixth time.

Single-use man-made items like plastic bottles and disposable diapers can take up to 500 years to break down in the ocean. But governments are starting to fight back against global plastic pollution.

As ransomware gets smarter and the use of AI increases, tape-based backup offers some security and budget relief.

"Where people are suffering from eco-anxiety, the hope is to find paths towards a new world shaped by a deepening understanding of our relationship with the planet."

Through a combination of botany, machine-learning algorithms, and some good old-fashioned chemistry, scientists have created tastier basil leaves.

The US women's soccer team recently filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against the US governing body of soccer - just one example of the steps being taken to further gender equality in sport.

As the country moves towards renewables, its old mining areas are being reinvented for tourists.

The Seychelles and the Nordic Investment Bank are among those offering investment bonds for ocean-friendly projects, such as wastewater treatment and preventing pollution.

Baseball - Wed, Jun. 5, 2019 at 3:55 PM
DAYTON, Tenn. – After a record-breaking senior campaign, Bryan College baseball's starting first baseman from Chatsworth, Georgia, Lake Burris (SR/Chatsworth, Ga.), added another award to his long list of accolades when the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics announced the 2019 Baseball All-America Teams as selected by the NAIA-Baseball Coaches' Association All-America Committee. His efforts this season earned…

From Melbourne to Barcelona, urban planners across the planet are realizing that to reduce our carbon footprint, we need to go back to getting around on foot.

Will hydrogen forever be the 'future of fuel' or is it finally time for the revolution to begin?

Neuroscientists have identified a brain circuit that helps break decisions down into smaller pieces.

The walking meeting, or “walk-and-talk”, not only schedules exercise into the work day, it might also help spark creativity.

"Smallholders represent both the best custodians of our food basket and the largest number of targeted consumers under the SDGs."

Corporate leaders need to get the ball rolling towards a widespread corporate culture which prioritizes healthcare around the world.

The philosophy of Stoicism can help people reach a level of clear-headed thinking, says cognitive behavioral psychotherapist Donald Robertson.

Once one of the world's poorest countries, today Viet Nam is a booming economy, with a growing middle class and a rate of growth to rival China. How did it get here?

Economic, social and political pressures will ensure the world becomes carbon-neutral by 2050, but strong leadership is needed to stop the transition costing the earth.

The World Bank's annual Doing Business report looks at the economies at the top and the fastest risers.

While the level of support for membership of the European Union is currently high, so too is pessimism about the future of the European project.

How many abortions are actually performed? Numbers reveal the complexity in the raging debate.

Largely a developing world phenomenon, commodity dependence often correlates with vulnerability and poverty. How can we help countries escape from this trap?

Separations have declined by 18% over the past decade, and it's mostly down to the younger generation's approach to marriage.

The effects of over-tourism can be dramatic for many places around the world. To ensure the Faroe Islands stay unaffected by tourism, volunteers were invited to repair and future proof tourist spots.

China is projected to account for 35% of the global protein market by 2025, growing at a rate of 3 to 4% each year. No wonder it's ripe for growth in meat alternatives.

Data backup mistakes can be ruinous. For example, what if you have only one backup copy and ransomware gets in? Explore how to avoid common errors to protect your business.