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I adore shoes. In my younger days when my lifestyle was quite different from now, I actually had a shoe room. It was lined with every kind of shoe I’d ever want. When I bought new shoes I did so not because I needed them, but because I liked them. Also, I keep them forever. …

Whatever your dreams may be for the future, consider tackling the following key tasks in order to realize your financial aspirations.

Apply to Valet Custom Cabinets & Closets to join the the San Francisco Bay Area leader in the customized home storage and organization industry!

Innovation is an anchor that keeps modern businesses afloat, propels growth and shields them from future risk, but its success largely depends on having a solid plan in place that includes the following.

Few things are more satisfying than successfully scrubbing up a stubborn stain. Some cleaning know-how and a little elbow grease and what once was thought to be a permanent mark is now a thing of the past!

We worked with Jerry Archer to design our 15x8' Master closet. We went to the beautiful showrooms in Danville and Campbell to explore ideas and materials. Definitely worth the time....

With the road to retirement getting more difficult to navigate, it helps to have a map of the main areas you need covered.

Determining the right assets to leave to your beneficiaries is critical. Here are some common asset types and considerations when selecting beneficiaries.

Bold, elegant and sustainable – we review the six biggest trends from 2019’s major design fairs

The walls of Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Center, a research hub and medical center for those facing memory loss, are dotted with bright watercolor paintings — “works of art,” as Hank Paulson, the director of the center and University professor of neurology, calls them.

Discard outdated business practices and simply your software to stay organized in ways that are efficient, save money, and yes—spark joy.

Buying a home is exciting and comes with obligations new to first-timers.

Mortgage Banks channels can typically move much faster than commercial banks b/c they are less regulated, smaller and more nimble.

A portrait of three female entrepreneurs and their path to success on their own terms.

Daily Lift podcasts are short takes on inspiring ideas to enrich your day and share with friends.

Tax benefits are one of the many benefits to taking advantage of your employee stock options. Here’s what to know.

Brookdale Senior Living News provides news and perspectives about the senior living company and serves as a resource for reporters as well as informational blogs and news stories geared toward associates, residents and future residents.

iBuyers are large firms that buy homes from sellers outright so sellers don’t have to go to the trouble of listing and showing their homes.

Sandi Jones of Shelby Township goes to the Rochester Older Persons Commission every week with a goal in mind — to punch out Parkinson’s Disease. “I’m here to fight Parkinson’s

Fixing the cancer clinical trial conundrum. Together
“We always have to disrupt the system when the system does not serve the greater good.”
-- Congressman Bobby Rush, Lazarex Disruptor Award recipient
Thank you for attending our 2nd annual Disrupting the System roundtable on June 18th. We want to keep you engaged so that our discussions and ideas become more than that - they become actions that…

While housing affordability remains a burning challenge for the millennial generation, data shows bu

Hungry? Honor your appetite with food from our delicious artisan menu made from better-for-you ingredients. Satisfying healthy appetites & healthy lifestyles!

Appraiser shortages are a huge issue during every refi boom because appraisers are inundated with orders and only take the orders they want to do.

I love celebrating the Fourth of July! Our celebration traditions have changed now that my daughter does most of the cooking, and my son-in-law does the grilling for our family

Each year, 1 in 6 Americans get sick from eating contaminated food. Visit CDC's food safety site for simple tips to help prevent food poisoning and for information on foodborne disease outbreaks.

From ballerina buns to braided ponytails and more, these DIY sports hairstyles that are perfect for the gym, pitch and beyond. | All Things Hair - From hair experts at Unilever

Dear Friends
It's finally summer and things sure have been heating up here! Lazarex is finally getting recognition as a patient advocacy organization. This month we presented at 2 industry oncology conferences, ASCO and Bio 2019, as
a panelist for patient assistance for clinical trial participation. We've been referenced in other presentations multiple times, and directly acknowledged at public events. We held our 2nd professional and…

There’s no one-shoe-fits-all approach to startup success, but recent studies found that human capital plays an integral role in the ability to scale.

Traditional business advice isn’t always best served to small business owners. Don’t agree? Just ask any entrepreneur and you’ll likely find that what has worked for them doesn’t mimic the advice their large, big-box competitors may have followed. Keeping this in mind, consider the following tips aimed specifically at small businesses.

Cybersecurity starts with you. Secure your personal accounts and protect yourself from fraud with these tips.

As the healthcare industry is focusing more on improving patient experiences, business models must evolve.

Walk Japan, one of our favorite walking tour companies, just announced two niche tours designed to take visitors into the beating heart of Japanese culture.

When building your startup, it’s important to be aligned on the business vision— and how you will eventually depart. Here’s how to prepare early on for IPOs.