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Gavin Grimm sued his former school district after it banned him from using the boys bathroom.

A group of Ohio Northern University Polar Bears stepped into the shoes of their namesake to raise money for charity at fraternity Delta Sigma Phi's 10th annual Polar Plunge in

Donquale Maurice Gray, 25, is accused of shooting a Virginia police officer. He is believed to be armed and dangerous, police said.

Four Directions is targeting states with voter ID laws, like Wisconsin and North Dakota, as well as those with low Native American turnout, like Nevada.

The senators are campaigning during the long holiday weekend that marks the start of Congress' first recess this year.

Five people allegedly responsible for trafficking drugs to Sumter from California are now in custody.

Panicked audience members rushed out of the theater after mistaking an alarm during the show's duel scene for a shooting.

These were the five victims killed in a shooting at an Aurora, Illinois manufacturing facility.

The last time the Oscars did not have a host was 30 years ago, and the evening did not go well.

The deadly attack happened at a club about 4 miles from Cancun's seaside tourist hotel zone.

Japan’s Freshness Burger has upped its bonkers burger game with its latest release: the Blueberry Cheese Burger.

Police say the fired worker who killed five people at a warehouse in Aurora, Illinois, was able to buy the gun he used because a background check didn't catch that he had a prior felony conviction in Mississippi.

Whether we find a particular animal meat delicious or unsettling is usually a matter of cultural construction, unless you disavow meat entirely. Horse meat is largely a non-starter in America, but not so in other countries. We even decide that certain animals’ milks are wholesome (cow, goat) while others are totally bizarre (yak, whale). In the U.K., several chefs have begun championing the ubiquitous grey squirrel…

New York edged out more than 230 other proposals to land a $2.5 billion Amazon campus. Then it all fell apart.

Snapchat’s latest study reveals where its movie-obsessed users are going before and after a show, as well as what spikes their interest.