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Tomorrow night... numbers will be announced for the biggest Mega Millions jackpot ever... a staggering one point six billion dollars.

North Carolina judge finds that psychosis drove Oliver Funes Machada to commit March 2017 killing

Eight people were shot during the shooting at 932 Ashton Drive in Florence on October 3, including seven law enforcement officers.

You just found a new restaurant, and you're so excited about it. You sit down. You reach for your fork and knife...but then, something happens.Something that changes how you feel about the restaurant.u/yruiiof637 asked:Chefs, what red flags do you look for when you go out to eat?Here were some of ...

President Trump vowed Monday to send as many troops as necessary to the U.S.-Mexican border to block a growing caravan of Central American migrants.

Gov. Matt Bevin said, “We need immigration. We need lots of healthy immigration. By healthy I mean legal immigration, and lots of it."

The Mercedes-Benz dealership in Sycamore Township is building landscaped parking terraces on vacant property next to it.

The former chairman of the House Judiciary Committee was indicted last year on two counts of misconduct in office and criminal conspiracy charges.

Clemson University study found 12,000 tweets tied to Russian company, 87% of them critical of kneeling NFL players and the league's response.

Ready-to-eat foods at retailers such as Harris Teeter, Kroger and Walmart have been recalled over risk of listeria and salmonella contamination.

A second grader was trasnported to the hospital after being ejexted from a car and struck a building.

The good news was confirmed Monday, when Jones was full-go in practice and declared ready to make his 2018-19 season debut Tuesday when the Blue Jackets host Arizona.

“No one’s immune to gun violence," the Democratic candidate told ThinkProgress on the campaign trail in Georgia.

In the second of our five part blog series on Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs), we examine the notion of “complexity” and how that might affect the way you respond as an employer to a DSAR. What is “complex”? Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), data controllers must respond to DSARs “without undue delay … Continue Reading

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David Shoemaker, 34, is being trained as a Fairfield bus driver by the man who got him to school each day.

LGBT leaders reacted with fury Monday to a report that the Trump administration is considering adoption of a new definition of gender that would effectively deny federal recognition and civil rights protections to transgender Americans. (Oct. 22)