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Dr. Parks explains the power and history of Invisalign along with how we utilize the incredible technology in our office, enjoy!

Show us you know which foods are friends and foes of braces by dragging snacks to the bins below! Dentist Cedar Rapids IA - Call (319) 540-8088

Less than 55 years ago, space travel was just a dream. Now that it's a reality, people are planning vacations! If given the chance, would YOU go?

Clever, brave, strong! This contest is packed with cool questions about your favorite heroines.

Take the Beltone Free Online Hearing Test and test your speech understanding in noise.

There is a growing consensus that carbon pricing - charging for the carbon content of fossil fuels or their emissions - is the single most effective mitigation instrument, writes Christine Lagarde.

A "new social contract" is needed to ensure technology does not lead us back to "feudalism", a trade union leader says.

Like most Americans, cleaning out your ear with a cotton swab is something you do every day. It is part of your morning routine, or something you do every time you get out of the shower. Open the medicine cabinet, take a cotton swab out, stick it in your ear to clean it out. Seems …

National Geographic's top picks for the best Spring trips include the Japan Alps, Dutch tulip fields, and more!

Shake up a new martini for your Easter festivities in just 5-minutes.

The ear's anatomy is made up by three parts: outer ear, middle ear and inner ear - learn more about all three!

Where do these Canadians come from? The first to finish this fast, fun contest gets the grand prize!

UnityPoint Health patient describes his urgent care experience where they treated him more like a friend than just another appointment.

From free care products to generous parenting policies, here's what makes Sweden, Denmark and Norway such great places to raise kids.

Regardless of preventive visit or office visit, you receive the same personalized experience from UnityPoint Health.

Tinnitus affects between 10-20% of the population (1) and ranges from being mildly irritating and occasionally distracting to a constantly distressing and debilitating condition. This post discusses the role of stress in how we ‘hear’ Tinnitus and how approaches like Craniosacral Therapy may be ab

★★★★★ I love it here! They all know my name and are super nice. I am always well taken care of.

UnityPoint Health feels strongly about offering same-day discharge for certain cardiology procedures.

It's said to have magical healing properties. A UnityPoint Health Registered Dietitian explains whether the health benefits of celery juice live up to the hype.

Of the many hardships faced by the homeless, sleeping on the cold, hard ground can be one of the most devastating. Elliot Lord from England may have found a sustainable--and incredibly easy--solution.

Checking for sour breath or fish breath may not just save you from awkward social moments; it could also save your life by revealing underlying issues!

How do hearing aids work? Hearing aids, in theory, are basic for all they offer. There are three parts to a hearing aid: Microphone Amplifier Speaker The hearing aid receives sound through a microphone, which converts the sound waves to electrical signals and sends them to an amplifier. The amplifier then boosts the power of …

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New research suggests that the antiviral properties of fungi could help to fight colony collapse disorder.