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The beauty of a wall hanging is its ability to define a room's color story. By juxtaposing yarn of different hues, you create a rich palette that can

DES MOINES - Four Democrats running for president pledged Monday to keep Social Security solvent for senior citizens by raising the income cap so wealthier Americans pay more taxes to support the system without changing eligibility requirements.

Then-Gov. Terry Branstad discriminated against a state employee - asking for his resignation and then cutting his pay - based on the employee's sexual orientation, a jury decided Monday, according to the man's attorney.

DAVENPORT - The trial of 13-year-old Luke Andrews, accused of trying to shoot a North Scott Junior High School teacher in late August, is nearing its final stages.

Brazil, the biggest soybean exporter, is strengthening its lead against the United States after trading giants spent billions of dollars on building new terminals and developing routes to ports in the north through the Amazon region.

MINNEAPOLIS - Pressure is mounting on Cargill to do more for native vegetation in Brazil, South America's food powerhouse.

DES MOINES - In a series of forums this week, nineteen Democratic presidential hopefuls will be asked their views on issues ranging from how they would lower prescription drug costs to the future of Medicare and Social Security.

There are plenty of ways to keep your budget intact when it comes to the wedding day and that goes for the floral (or alternative) arrangements at the

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Heed these tips from Mark Sage on how to keep plants healthy while you're on holiday, covering both indoor and outdoor plants.