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Great white sharks live along the coast of central and northern California where abundant populations of seals provide a rich and ready source of food. Why t...

KTVU.com is your top trusted source for Bay Area, San Francisco and Oakland news, including South Bay, Silicon Valley, Napa Valley, Alameda, Sonoma and Santa Clara counties.

American futurist Rebecca Costa talks about predicting the future of our society using predictive analytics technology to help us move forward and adapt.

More than 60 media outlets have committed to a week of focused climate change coverage in September.

In this new episode of DC2U, ACA Connects’ podcast and videocast, ACA Connects President and CEO Matthew M. Polka talks with Rep. Bob Latta (R-Ohio), who is ...

Senior Zoom is a concierge service helping seniors safely use rideshare apps. Lyle Tomasky built the Senior Zoom website himself and it has proven to be a key growth engine for the company.

How Jerry Falwell Jr. silences students and professors who reject his pro-Trump politics. A report by alumnus Will E. Young.

Sen. Dick Durbin writes that years of progress toward eliminating youth tobacco use are threatened by the rise of e-cigarettes. Anyone who believed the multi-billion-dollar tobacco industry would go quietly ignored the power of greed. The FDA isn't doing nearly enough to regulate vaping, he says.

New details on an anonymous unfair labor practice charge filed against Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-Vt.) 2020 presidential campaign shine a light on some of the allegations against the campaign.

When Queer Eye season 3 dropped, the story of the Jones BBQ sisters resonated with viewers. We spoke with Shorty and Little to find out how they embraced their overnight fame to grow their small business into a huge success.

Provac Sales Inc. is a world-wide supplier of rebuilt and new vacuum pumps, turbo pumps and helium leak detectors. We buy surplus and used vacuum equipment. We maintain one of the largest inventories of rebuilt and ready-to-ship vacuum pumps in the United States. This includes a full line of rebuilt turbo, vane, piston, cryo, scroll, blower,vacuum pumps, systems and helium leak detectors.

This watch...you need IT. // IT LED Touch Screen Watch

Keeping an eye on the competition can improve your company website by helping you identify ways to upgrade SEO, design, UX, storytelling and community.

Carpet One Floor & Home’s annual Summer Convention kicks off Tuesday as cooperative members from across North America arrive in Denver.

While blogging for business requires time and effort, the results can be well worth it in the form of new customers and more sales for your small business.

Still think vaping is no big deal? Magician Julius Dein shows us that teens who vape are more likely to start smoking cigarettes. It’s not magic, it’s statis...

Forecasters are predicting high temperatures in the 90s and triple-digit heat indexes around the state over the next several days. The Ohio Department of Aging and the Ohio Department of Health remind residents that extreme heat should be treated with the same care and preparation as a summer storm.

Twenty one pilots are possibly gearing up to drop a collab with one of our favorite pop queens ever — Halsey. Find out more down below.

Shop for nc-17. The best choice online for nc-17 is at Zumiez.com where shipping is always free to any Zumiez store.

Governor Newsom and our State Legislature have finalized the 2019-2020 budget and in it is much good news for our state’s older adults. One of the top wins is the end of the senior penalty in the Medi-Cal program; other wins include the expansion of many key programs serving and supporting older adults. This good news, on top of the executive order for creating a statewide Master Plan for Aging, marks a great start to this fiscal year and our new Governor’s term…

Are you interested in finding how to get started with reducing plastic waste at home, work, or school? Find out more today!

Unlawful national origin discrimination may include discrimination because of a person's looks, customs, or language. It isn't necessary for a person to show that his or her ancestors are from a particular country or region to prove national origin discrimination. A claim can be proven if a person is discriminated against for having the characteristics for a different group. For example, a person might mistakenly be…

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Force Trolling Motor is the most powerful and efficient trolling motor available with features that include built-in auto-pilot, wireless foot pedal, and more.

If you are suffering from sleep apnea and the lack of sleep is leaving you incredibly fatigued, then your ENT doctor might suggest having surgery for it.

Since many nutrient-dense foods are fruits and vegetables, by including them more into your diet, you will also reduce your environmental footprint to support biodiversity in the diet. Biodiversity makes up the benefits of nature that make life livable on Earth. According to the National Wildlife Federation, it includes "everything from cleaning water and absorbing chemicals, which wetlands do, to providing oxygen for us to breathe-one…

Bayer has approached U.S. drug firm Elanco Animal Health to discuss a possible combination of their pet-health businesses to create an industry giant, three sources familiar with the matter told Reuters.

California is the most recent state to pass legislation that creates a state specific individual mandate requiring all of its residents to obtain qualified health insurance or face a tax penalty. The new mandate, effective January 1, 2020, would require California residents, and any spouse or dependent, to enroll in qualified insurance coverage for each …

Sound… you heard it, from before the time of your birth. As early as the second trimester of human development, children can hear the sounds of their mother’s heartbeat, digestive system, and voice vibrations. Even the sounds outside the womb entered into an unborn child’s ears – human laughter, dogs barking, traffic, conversations, etc
Music’s Effect On The Human Brain
Music – regardless of what form it is in – is a mechanism that helps to organize our thoughts and movements. There is…

Ryan Reynolds has joined Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot in the heist thriller "Red Notice," which has also moved from Universal Pictures to Netflix.

Whether you just can't wait to be king or live by "Hakuna Matata" you'll find all the shirts, figurines, and Lion King merch you need to show your fandom for a Disney classic at Hot Topic.

Anest Iwata was the first in the world to develop air-cooled, oil-free scroll technology. Their patented scroll technology is utilized in high end industries including semiconductor/electronics, universities and research institutes.

With the arrival of warm weather, many customers have turned their irrigation systems back on to provide water to plants and trees. If you didn’t get a chance to do a maintenance check on your irrigation system over the last few months, it’s not too late! Check for broken sprinklers, cracked pipes, clogged drip emitters and leaky valves that can result in water waste and high…

The Fourth of July is basically one big birthday party for America, and if there's one thing every birthday party needs, it's a spread of amazingly delicious food. So if you're wondering what to serve at your Independence Day barbecue this year,…