Health in Brooklyn, NY

Gov. Andrew Cuomo stepped up his criticism of Con Edison on Monday after a blackout in midtown Manhattan left the city in temporary disarray.

The collection of more than 4 million images and thousands of hours of video and audio chronicle 7 decades of black life in America.

Allen Psych is located at the top of Manhattan, part of New York-Presbyterian’s Allen Hospital. Half of Allen Psych’s patients come from Inwood or Washington Heights, with many of them uninsured or on Medicaid. Allen Psych often treats patients with dual diagnoses: severe mental illness as well as substance use disorders
Throughout New York City, psychiatric units are at maximum capacity. Patients sometimes have to wait…

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Bonnie Erickson designed one of the greatest sports mascots of all time ... and one that was far less successful.

Alcohol isn't healthy. But if you're going to consume, these are the best ways to do it.

A simple finger-prick blood test could help prevent unnecessary prescribing of antibiotics for people with the lung condition chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), according to a new study.

James Holzhauer, whose lucrative two-month run as Jeopardy! champion goosed the veteran game show’s ratings in the spring, will face off against Emma Boettcher — the woman who ended his…

It's national picnic month, so grab your hamper and get ready to eat, drink and be merry under the summer sun
The city is hot and the gauge is pushing 30.
The last thing you feel like doing is going for another walk surrounded by traffic and reflective surfaces. Humidity has reached 100 and the thought of even pretending to want eggs and avo for brunch is being replaced with the mind-flash “Cold shower. Winter. Ice” on repeat.
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The sight of fierce-looking dinosaurs bobbing down a groomed horse track has quickly become a crowd favorite at the Emerald Downs racetrack in Washington state.