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3,841 kids were in foster care in Maryland in the 2016 federal fiscal year. Where did they end up?

How do you tamp down talk of impeachment? Tell government workers it's a violation of the Hatch Act.

Authorities say bomb threats sent to dozens of schools, universities and other locations across the U.S. appear to be a hoax.

The Dudley Frank team's latest staged real estate listing photo gallery uses the Grinch to highlight a Hampden rowhome's best assets.

A Baltimore preservation carpenter and lover of old buildings took to Twitter to ask: What building in Baltimore would you fix up and how? Here were some of the responses.

In a policy statement released last month, the American Academy of Pediatrics aims to end the debate over whether corporal punishment is an acceptable parenting tool. The verdict? It’s not.

No need for those with certain food allergies to miss out on all of the holiday cookie-baking fun! You never know - Santa may have a food allergy, too! Try our allergen-friendly alternatives to these classic cookies
Here’s a little spin on the popular peanut butter cookie, using sunflower seed butter instead of peanut butter
Sunflower Seed Butter Cookies
2 cups granulated sugar
In a medium…

While the foster care system is a necessary safety net that protects children from abusive and traumatic situations, my entrance into this system remains one of my most traumatic memories. I was immediately cut off from my family and never given any hope that we would be reunified.

A Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services status report showed nearly 20 percent fewer new people signed up for Affordable Care Act insurance than at about the same time last year.

The 21st Century is in full swing. Yet, we still don’t quite know what it means to be a 21C workplace. We are told Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) will di

With the number of fentanyl overdoses soaring in Maryland, federal prosecutors say they plan to bring more state drug cases to federal court, where penalties are stiffer.

No matter how confident, smart or ah-mazing you are, we *all* experience those awk moments that make us want to crawl under a rock. But after enough time passes, you’ll find a way LOL at those memories—and everyone else won’t...

You have an application that works well on a single node, and you’ve heard that Erlang lets you scale out in a cluster. How do you actually go about doing th...

(KUTV) -- Intermountain Healthcare has launched the first study of its kind involving up to 10,000 women that will use a new test to identify those at risk for premature birth, and, in those with high risk, to evaluate the impact of early interventions designed to prolong their pregnancy and reduce the rate of premature delivery. Researchers are looking to enroll healthy pregnant women into the study and need a boost of enrollment.

Happy holidays, Baltimore! Here is our 2018 guide to holiday fun in Baltimore-- including events, restaurants, places to buy gifts, and more!

Last week, to mark the 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day, the vice president announced a historic investment of $100 million of new resources to expand its engagement with faith-based organizations and communities of faith that are serving on the front lines of our fight against HIV/AIDS through