Outdoor Advertising

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Advertising on outdoor billboards needs to be exciting and innovative, and adding print design to an image can be ...

Dodson Outdoor Advertising purchased and installed a beautiful digital billboard. See the tremendous results here!

When marketers are creating their media plans for the year, often outdoor falls to the wayside and I believe that it’s because there are a few common misco

Billboard advertising is one of the longest standing forms of advertising. We can help you with your billboard advertising needs in all 50 states.

Startups like Percolate and Buddy Media have consistently touted outdoor as the way to go. But why go such a lo-fi route?

Outdoor Advertising Facts: here we provide 10 tride and true outdoor advertising facts. Have outdoor advertising needs? We can help!

Our media planning software is a tool we custom built to meet and exceed outdoor needs, allowing access & review of campaign plans from a single link.

The latest ads for Denver Water's conservation campaign have long copy and a toilet to sit on while you read them.

Even if you’re embracing the latest ways to advertise, such as paid campaigns on social media, some of the old-school […]

Art Everywhere is the US version of the popular UK initiative that brings art to outdoor advertising locations.

Advertising balloons are helium ad balloons often used for event marketing. Advertising balloons can be flown anytime and predominantly anywhere.

Outdoor media is commonly referred to as out-of-home advertising and roughly consists of all advertising options one encounters outside (out-of) the home.

No one wants to be attached to an advertising fail message. Check out how these major brands found themselves in an advertising fail situation.

Since creating the “curiously strong” mints campaign for Altoids over 15 years ago, I’ve appreciated the out-of-home (OOH) medium and all it can do for a brand. With Altoids, we took a tiny, virtually unknown confection and turned it into the number one selling mint in North America, all without [...]

The Way Out West project from the organization Art City has commissioned twenty talents to reimagine billboards, buses and transit shelters in the gentrifying Mission district.

African American outdoor advertising campaigns are a great way to celebrate influential African American figures. We celebrate AAHM with our favorites.

Converting a Superbowl commercial into outdoor advertising is easier than you think. We have a fool-proof method for goto creative.

There are many benefits of outdoor advertising; its impact, its size and its ROI. Find out the top 7 benefits today.

Eyes on impressions are an important measure of outdoor advertising. We now call EOI's weekly impressions. Visit our outdoor ratings page for eyes on info.