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An outdoor advertising campaign is immersive and impossible to ignore. From billboards to bus advertisements, IMPACT Marketing can help.

We sat down with Peloton, the most well-known brand in indoor cycling, to talk to them about how they are using outdoor advertising to get…

Since creating the “curiously strong” mints campaign for Altoids over 15 years ago, I’ve appreciated the out-of-home (OOH) medium and all it can do for a brand. With Altoids, we took a tiny, virtually unknown confection and turned it into the number one selling mint in North America, all without [...]

ADVERTISING MEDIA PLUS is a full–service communications, media and development agency that tells your story through creative solutions.

The following videos are created and produced by AMPs. For more information about us, please call 410-740-5009 or email Enjoy!

Last week Medium founder Ev Williams created a stir in the media world after laying off a third of the publishing platform’s staff. He placed much of the blame for the massive layoff at digital advertising’s feet, claiming that it’s a “broken system.” He wrote in a post on Medium that digital advertising fails to …

Mobile advertising has long been considered a fringe issue in marketing strategies. However, as ...

Crown Trophy, Advertising Specialty. 11438 Cronridge Drive Owings Mills, MD 21117. (443) 394-6667

But remember there's more to marketing.
By Ed Mendlowitz
The CPA Trendlines Practice Doctor

Marketers now have an unprecedented ability to fine-tune their allocation decisions while making course corrections in real time.

LinkedIn's Nellie Chan outlines how thoughtfully created native content can develop long-lasting engagement on social media.

Do you know about all the great benefits of direct mail advertising? If no, we are here to help! Read below to learn! What is direct mail advertising? Direct-mail advertising... Read More »

The growth of digital advertising has skyrocketed. It’s everywhere, and it has clear benefits over traditional ad placement. Open any of your social media accounts. You almost immediately see paid posts, ads retargeting you for that flight you’ve wanted to book, celebrity endorsements on your Instagram feed, and so much more. We want to focus …

Last Wednesday Publishing Executive hosted its Native Advertising Summit at the New York City Union League. The event assembled 60-plus executives in the magazine and media industry to discuss how media companies can capitalize on the growth of native advertising and offset the waning revenue of commoditized display ads and print. Panels explored why publishers …

Looking for advertising tactics to support your account-based and content marketing programs?

(Magazine Ad) One of the basic axioms of book marketing is that it takes multiple impressions on target buyers to induce them to make a purchase. The more varied these touchpoints, the greater the impression and motivation to favorable action.

Facebook at Work could help Facebook finally compete with LinkedIn for the growing B2B content marketing industry.

JPMorgan Chase, Procter & Gamble and Taco Bell are scaling back on digital advertising. Is this a counter-revolution underway?