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The Holiday Season is not only known for its family gatherings but also for its multiple family meals. Thanksgiving and Christmas are celebrations we look forward to all year and they include lots…

Totino's, Blue Bell, Lays, & Tabasco - we've got it all covered in this segment!!

Dr. Jillian Lampert dispels a common (and dangerous) food myth.

I just supported Real Food, Just Food on @ThunderclapIt // @FoodDay2014

One of the perks about sending your child to Laurel South is that a good chef may return home to you. Your child who only knew how to make a sandwich or had no idea how to boil water may come back as a baking, sautéing foodie who has a newfound appreciation for seasonings, sauces and the magic that can happen in the kitchen. This transformation begins when campers take advantage of the Culinary Studio at Laurel South. Led by our Head Chef…

Preparing foods too far in advance
Not cooking foods properly
Cross contamination of foods
Do not wash raw chicken, turkey or other poultry
Campylobacter is the most common cause of food poisoning in the UK. Although thorough cooking kills campylobacter, it is not just poorly cooked poultry such as chicken and turkey that can spread it. Splashing water from washing the meat can spread it as…

The Plant a Row program encourages gardeners to plant and grow food in their gardens, then donate the extra to the hungry.

Crispy Gorgonzola and Fig Dumplings #FWCon #WisconsinCheese

One of the perks about sending your child to Camp Laurel is that a good chef may return home to you. Your child who only knew how to make a sandwich or had no idea how to boil water may come back...

During the Food Truck Food Drive on Sept 22nd, $1 from every entree from participating Food Trucks will benefit Food Lifeline.

Photo provided by Shelburne Museum - The Brick House
Food and beverage can make or break your meetings and events. That's where the Vermont Convention Bureau and our members step up to the plate to help you create a truly unique experience. Vermonters are passionate about local food and libations and are as creative as can be when it comes to using what is fresh and available. Here are a few ideas for your next conference
Welcome Your Group With food! Host a…

These delightful strawberry muffins are a perfect option for a quick "grab and go" breakfast. They are sweet, moist, and oh so delicious. Perfect for breakfast, brunch or a mid-day snack.

The On-Farm Composting Task Force of the F2P Food Cycle Coalition was created at the beginning of 2019 to support farmers in accepting food scraps from their communities to compost on-farm to build soil health. One of the exciting projects that the Task Force has undertaken is supporting the crowdfunding campaigns of two Hartford businesses: Sunrise Farm , which hopes to build the necessary infrastructure to…

Vermont Grown Grains in the Northeast
The Northern Grain Growers Association (NGGA), UVM Extension, Vermont Farm & Forest Viability Program, and Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund/Farm to Plate are excited to have partnered with New Venture Advisors (NVA) to conduct a market study of demand in the Northeast for Vermont grown grains. The collaborating organizations are exploring whether or not sufficient demand exists to support grain aggregation…

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Retailer says foods from West Africa and regenerative agriculture are 2 of 10 predictions