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The hate espoused and expressed there in the past few years would fuel the planet if the negative energy could be transformed to positive. Sentiments of loathe are expressed with language and tone that should be reserved for the worst of the worst and not directed at a person whose only misdeed is having an alternate perspective. Very few of whom would fall under the radical and extreme periphery but rather can actually be found closer to the moderate center. Perhaps the worst…

Experts say we can 'selectively pay attention to some of the stories shared with us and ignore others' on social media - such as the spread of 'fake news', a term made popular by Donald Trump.

A series of inflammatory tweets by President Donald Trump prompted equally strong reactions from politicians and pundits on Monday morning.

More than 50 people attended a workshop the Maine Small Business Administration and the Lincoln County Regional Planning Commission hosted March 9, on how social media can help businesses with marketing, communication and sales.

UMATILLA — A pair of business social media workshops in Umatilla have been canceled.Due to lack of timely response, the Umatilla Chamber of Commerce canceled the March 16 sessions.For more information, contact Karen Hutchinson-Talaski at 541-922-4825 or

Welcome to a boo-tiful new world. Halloween used to be an occasion to spook your neighbors in person, with costume and candy sales driven by trick-or-treaters and/or those looking to make the scene…

For me, it all started quite innocently as a volunteer job at the American Red Cross...

Many actors dislike social media because they don’t understand how it works. But you don’t have to.

Lau Chak-Kei, 46, has been nicknamed Bald Lau Sir by his 774,000 followers on China's most popular social media site - Weibo. One woman wrote: 'I'm willing to have your babies!'

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Join a movement of people committed to changing the conversation on social media. If you are a Christian, your social media is part of your public witness. Plain and simple. If you aren’t thinking that way, it’s time to start. We need to be asking ourselves these questions every day: I have a platform, how am …

The social media editor isn’t dead, but the Newsroom Social Media Rockstar Ninja Guru’s days are numbered. And thank goodness for that.

When hundreds of journalists gathered in San Francisco last year for the annual Online News Association Conference, there was no more packed panel than t...

A small business owner in Williston is trying a new tactic in an attempt to deter shoplifters from making off with merchandise.

Tom’s dad was a preacher man. He remembers when his father used to get anonymous hate mail from parishioners who didn’t like something he said or did. Having a minister who was direct and decisive did not sit well with them. As a kid, Tom couldn’t make sense of it. How could people who professed to be Christians send nasty letters to the preacher? Many years later, Tom understands why his father never bothered to acknowledge those people or respond in kind. But…

I’m sure majority of people have heard the phrase, “What happens in the locker room, stays in the locker room.” Well, if you followed the Pittsburgh Steelers this postseason, wide receiver Antonio Brown showed us the phrase is not always followed.

A staggering number of parents are posting personal details about their kids on social media, called sharenting, but experts warn there can be harm in it.