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The latest from Unskippable Labs: an experiment in video advertising. How the length of video ads impacts brand recall, favorability, and VTR.

Trying to decide between Google AdWords and Facebook Ads to promote your organization? Learn about the different factors to consider when making this decision to increase the chances of making the right choice!

Snapchat has fired up its ads API -- application programming interface -- that allows third-party partners to plug in and deliver ads for brands and agencies.

We think. You win. We are a 25-year-old full-service, integrated marketing and advertising agency in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Nashville, Tennessee.

How has social advertising evolved over the past 10+ years? Check out just how far we've come.

As social media and digital marketing evolve, you shouldn't be afraid to experiment with platforms like Snapchat to communicate with current and potential clients on a more pers...

A blog post highlighting the good and evil of native advertising and how to make it work for you.

Three in four US marketers say that ad blocking will have a negative effect on the programmatic advertising ecosystem, according to February 2016 research. But some actually think the impact will be a good one.

Three-martini lunches and smoke-filled board rooms may be relics of a bygone era, but ad execs say there's plenty to relate to.

Here’s why you should know the difference between native advertising and content marketing – Content Marketing Institute.

Some say that television is a dying medium going the way of the dinosaur. Is advertising on TV still a viable option for your business?

For the record, WE don't know anyone in advertising who behaves like this. (Do you??) Conceived, written and produced by World Wide Wadio... with apologies t...

Marketing and promotion doesn’t have to be hard, but sometimes you need some creative inspiration. These 15 famous advertising ideas will help.

Learn about the evolution of the advertising and agency industry in this timeline.

You should never rely on just one strategy to carry any aspect of your business, and advertising is no exception.