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One Venus IPL Photofacial Treatment
Two Venus IPL Photofacial Treatments
With 18 years experience, Marie Strickland-Finger received her Photofacial training from the original developer of Photofacial. 10,000’s of Photofacials have been performed. After applying a cooling gel, a technician uses an IPL device to shower the skin with pulses of focused light. Sun spots, visible blood vessels, and other pigment irregularities absorb the light,…

Choice of:
One Signature Medi-Facial
One Premium Medi-Facial
Two Signature Medi-Facials
Two Premium Medi-Facials

Choice of:
$50 Toward Spa Services
$100 Toward Spa services
See the available treatments.

Choose Between Two Options
$88 for two microdermabrasion treatments or progressive chemical peels ($310 value)
$125 for three microdermabrasion treatments or progressive chemical peels ($465 value)

Choose from Four Options
$44.50 for one signature medi-facial ($79 value)
$54 for one premium medi-facial ($109 value)
$72 for two signature medi-facials ($158 value)
$90 for two premium medi-facials ($218 value)
The premium medi-facial lasts 60 minutes and the signature lasts 45.

Choice of:
One Microdermabrasion Treatment or Chemical Peel
Three Microdermabrasion Treatments or Chemical Peels

Choose Between Two Options
$39 for one dermaplaning treatment with hydration therapy ($109 value)
$75 for two dermaplaning treatments with hydration therapy ($218 value)