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In today’s competitive world economy it is essential that manufacturers are able to maintain the highest levels of productivity and quality if they are to satisfy the ever-increasing demands placed…

The president of the United States once set off explosives on campus, using a remote control from the back of a passenger train. No really, he did. In 1936, while campaigning for a second term, Franklin Roosevelt embarked on a whistle-stop tour of Texas. Around 10:30 p.m. on June 11, his train lumbered through Austin,…

The Generational Blame Game is in full swing, with stereotypes, memes, and combative headlines being hurled from all sides. Our newest trend report explores what Gen Z and Millennials really feel about older generations…
The generational strife between Gen Z, Millennials, and older generations is no secret. Headlines like “ Millennials Are Too Lazy To Eat Cereal ” and “ Millennials Want Money, But Not Hard Work ” are often written by Xers or Baby Boomers—many of whom have also helped to spread…

Contrary to popular belief, a candidate’s skills and experience are not the most crucial qualifications.

Instagram is removing a shortcut button at the top right of its flagship app interface that takes users to the IGTV video hub, which is dedicated to longer-form, episodic content. Of course, IGTV content can still be consumed on the flagship Instagram platform, as well as via a standalone app. That said, that app has received relatively paltry downloads since the launch of IGTV in June 2018, according to a study that Techcrunch commissioned by Sensor Tower. According to the outlet, only 7…

After spending countless hours integrating elements from the popular 2001 animated fantasy film into role-playing game Kingdom Hearts III’s upcoming DLC, Japanese developer Square Enix reportedly spent Thursday thrown into a state of panic after realizing Shrek is not owned by Disney but rather by DreamWorks Animation, the studio also responsible for How To Train Your Dragon, Trolls, and Kung Fu Panda.

Also: Does receiving a voucher affect the health outcomes of young children
Three Ideas Could Shift Housing from Outputs to Outcomes
Two teams from Chicago and one from Kalamazoo are developing ideas for housing-based partnerships that advance resident stability, wellbeing, and racial equity. The teams built the concepts during an intensive design challenge this fall and are working with the Urban Institute to strengthen their approach…

President Trump announced plans for the U.S. to join the One Trillion Tree initiative launched at the World Economic Forum as a means to combat climate change, a move that environmentalist such as Greta Thunberg said were “good” but were not an effective method of addressing the warming planet compared to ending fossil fuel use and funding solar and wind production. What do you think?

CHICAGO—In response to ongoing complaints of unexpected outages and subpar customer service response times, cable provider Comcast debuted a new bundle deal Thursday that includes 24/7 live-in technical support. “After analyzing customer feedback, we’ve realized that expecting our customers to set aside a six-hour block to be home every week is unrealistic, so we’re sending some of our best people to stay on their couches,” said…

Greta Gerwig’s screenwriting style starts in the middle and fans out. “I don’t write in a straight line,” admits the “Little Women” writer-director. “It’s like a quilt I try to stitch together.” Bu…

Individuals will need to upskill to ensure career longevity even as automation takes over certain jobs. Careers in vogue right now may not even exist a decade later. Blockchain, cryptocurrency, robotics and autonomous vehicles —all emerging technologies — will become mainstream over the next decade, requiring thousands of specialists.

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Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway told reporters that Martin Luther King Jr. would not have supported current impeachment efforts if he were alive today, saying Dr. King’s promotion of harmony between peoples would have led him to oppose “tear[ing] the country apart through an impeachment process and a lack of substance that really is very shameful at this point.” What do you think?

A 31-year-old woman was arrested after police accused her of spitting on an officer and twerking half-naked on top of a car parked outside of a North

Former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton attacked Bernie Sanders in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter discussing a forthcoming Hulu documentary about her life, calling the senator a “career politician” and saying “nobody likes him.” What do you think?

Pearl Jam have shared a new single with the world titled “Dance of the Clairvoyant

Nick Christian is an important link to community for his neighbors recovering from homelessness — an ambassador fostered by a unique residency program.

Join Todd Nesloney and a few friends at the #CelebrateYourStory event! Todd's second book, Stories From Webb, is having it's 2nd birthday and to celebrate, Todd is bringing together a few of his Texas friends in a Texas-sized PD Event
There are 3 learning options
Educators can sign up for the Friday & Saturday Event ($50) or just Friday/Saturday Event ($30 day rate)
Friday will be…

In the 50 years since its first passenger flight, the Boeing 747 became the most dominant and recognizable craft for commercial air travel. The Onion looks back on the most significant moments in the Boeing 747’s history on its 50-year anniversary.

In one’s career, it would be difficult if not impossible to achieve a notable measure of success without having inked a significant number of agreements with other parties—most appreciably with conflicts inherent in the process having been pleasingly overcome for all involved. Whether negotiating a sale with an existing customer or prospective new account, contracts […]

Meticulous redevelopment of historic building will save timber from 500 year old trees

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