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AUSTIN - Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Corporal Joshua Moer was honored by members of the Texas Senate and Texas House of Representatives for being named the IACP/Motorola Solutions 2018 Trooper of the Year

EVERETT, WA—In an effort to comfort the weeping, hysterical child, local parents Rick and Bridget Sears assured their scared 5-year-old son Caleb that there was no such thing as Skip Bayless, sources confirmed Wednesday. “Honey, relax—I know he’s scary, but Skip Bayless is just something on TV and isn’t real,” said mother Bridget Sears while the boy’s father admonished their older son for leaving the television…

Author Michael Wolff has finished another document of the current White House administration titled Siege: Trump Under Fire, promising an equally “essential and explosive” account as its predecessor, Fire And Fury. What do you think?

Everyone knows about Tent City. But there's an entirely different National Police Week that very few people know about - and it's all about the Blue family.

World Of World Of Warcraft's amazing level of detail makes players feel like they are actually in a cramped, dark apartment playing World Of Warcraft.

NEW YORK—Cleaning house after a dispute over the direction the team has taken this offseason, New York Jets head coach and interim general manager Adam Gase announced plans Friday to play all 22 positions on the field next season after pushing out the entire roster. “Coach Gase felt that the franchise needed a fresh start, and he wanted to put together a team that was truly crafted in his image, which is why he will be taking over all quarterbacking, offensive line, and…

There were more than 48 billion robocalls across the country in 2018, a nearly 50% increase from the previous year, continuing a frustrating practice that’s endured for decades. The Onion looks back at the history of robocalls.

Have you ever lost something valuable in a lake or river? If so, you could be part of a new TV series. The city of San Marcos shared a casting call notice on their Facebook page for a new series looking for people who have "lost something in a river or lake in the Austin or San Antonio area. "Studio 71, the production company behind the project, says no item is "too silly, as long as it matters to you. "If you think…

NIMRUD, IRAQ—Popping open a bottle of champagne and dancing with a mummified corpse in celebration, Smithsonian Institution archeologist Dr. Kathleen Roberts confessed she was “excited as all hell” Thursday after “hitting the mass grave jackpot” in northern Iraq. “Booyah! I mean, seriously, fuck yeah—we’re rolling in bones, baby,” said Roberts, throwing handfuls of Holocene-era rib bones into the air and standing under the confetti-like cascade of…

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The University of Texas Tower turned burnt orange on Thursday (5/16) night in honor of the 11th Big 12 title for the UT women, and a conference-leading seventh indoor-outdoor sweep for the Longhorns. The Texas women secured the second-most (172) points in the history of the Big 12 conference meet, trailing only their own record of …

Kidtech expert Robin Raskin gets into why products with more functionality are floundering, and how to make one really take off with this generation.

Advanced Energy has long been a leader in powering the future innovation with the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Strategic insights you can use.

Part spa, part beauty retreat, the bathroom is a space for daily grooming. Today's interior design trends reflect the restorative aspects of the powder