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Experience firsthand one of the world’s most dangerous sports at Sankey Rodeo School.

You have choices, so what are your interests? There are a number of options with age-restricted communities. However, active community living is one of the growing choices, according to Next Avenue in “How to Choose a 55+ Active Adult Community.” How can you determine which is the best for you?...

The average loss to the elderly is $1,500 per successful scam. Seniors across the U.S. receiving Social Security continue to be targeted with many scams. However, a favorite seems to be convincing you to buy gifts cards with your savings, according to The Sentinel Source in “How to protect yourself...

From classics to book-club favorites, here’s what the Austin Woman staff is reading this summer.

The Texas A&M Forest Service is reporting that firefighters are currently assisting residents in Llano County as a wildfire blazes.

The Guardian journalist Josh Toussaint-Strauss finds out how we are destroying the Earth’s soils, but also discovers some of the progress made in the race to protect them

No will or trust? The estate is most likely going to probate court. Transfer on death accounts can avoid some assets from going through probate. However, it is important to know that the laws governing TODs vary from state to state, according to Yahoo! Finance in “Transfer on Death (TOD)...

Drought can be devastating on crops and livestock. Here is some expert advice on how to properly weather a drought. is the official site for Savoy Magazine celebrating African American culture by covering news, culture, technology, business and sports. Subscribe to the Savoy Network Newsletter.

WAACO, Texas -- Dear Texas Consumers, As farmers and ranchers, we have a passion for growing things. We take enormous pride in growing the necessities...

Brisket may be on the menu, but it may cost a pretty penny this summer.

Plants are conscious, sentient beings. This should challenge our conceptions of ethical food production.

As Texas and the nation mourns the loss of H. Ross Perot, many might remember him as a tech business tycoon, a quiet philanthropist, an unsuccessful candidate for President, or perhaps as an American

Anniversary Celebration is our opportunity to celebrate another year of celebrating women in Austin with a full day of breakout sessions, networking and growth!

We went out with Jimmy from Sony to test out the new Sony 200-600mm Lens! Pre-Order Yours!

HAVE YOU BEEN POPPING ANY PRIMERS THIS SUMMER? We know it is hot outside (in most places), but it is never a bad time to get outdoors and do some shooting. While you are waiting for your next trip to the range take advantage of some primer popping 40% off deals on hundreds of Browning Outdoor Products on Online sales are available in the U.S. only. Some products are restricted and unavailable. And no, we aren't selling any primers -- just encouraging…

We'll start with the conclusion. DxOMark has dubbed Nikon's NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f/2.8 S lens "the new benchmark for 24-70mm lenses." The lens' overall score

Time-lapse photographer Matthew Vandeputte recently captured something truly awesome. While he was sleeping soundly in a cabin somewhere in Utah, the

Yes, The Amazing Race is still on air and this Austin couple won its 31st season and $1 million.

Learn how writing an effective job description can help you target the best talent and save you from potential lawsuits.

The Dark Side of Food Joanna Blythman’s most recent book, Swallow This, is one of the best ever written about the plague of manufactured food that has afflicted us for lo, these many years. Balancing outrage with a supple command of the facts and a razor wit, Blythman’s book offers an eminently accessible and lucid …