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Santander made several changes to its visual identity back in 2018, so we take a look at some key insights and bank's motivation to transform itself.

Working out how much of your overall media budget should be allocated to paid search requires an understanding of three key areas.

Doctors could face 20 years in prison for not providing reasonable care to save a child born alive after an attempted abortion.

The county medical exam stated scarring on the victim's body suggests that the birth in December was not the first time the victim gave birth.

Reserve not met: ($3,600) ($2,909) ($2,501) ($2,109) ($1,409) ($1,409) ($1,409) ($1,409) ($1,400)

A 4-month-old girl has died after being left in a van for about five hours at a Westside daycare, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office reported.

This year, a judge will be stationed nearby, where he can issue within minutes blood search warrants for boaters suspected of being intoxicated.

Currently, sexual assault by contact carries the same punishment as a traffic ticket.

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Before you even start thinking about bringing another business partner on board, find out what this legal expert has to say about the pitfalls of partnerships.

A blood donation can save many lives and in South Texas the blood supply at the Coastal Bend Blood Center is "extremely low."

There are tricks to combat the problem of having a tiny closet. Here’s how to get more use from this space. For more tips, call Handyman Connection today.

Building technology that scales with the company's growth and adapts to pivoting ideas requires proper planning and constant monitoring. A successful startup CTO invests time and money into those areas.

The 82-minute video shows ASMRtists experiencing "Reese Ritual," will be promoted in a "Handmaid's Tale" takeover and will stream on Crave.