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NEW YORK—Hoping that it was just a matter of time for some sort of scandal to draw attention away from the recent controversy with China, sources reported Tuesday that NBA commissioner Adam Silver is waiting quietly for the NFL to fuck up and take some heat off. “I’m sure they have some domestic abuse allegations out there to bungle and then we are in the clear,” said Silver, noting that the NFL officiating controversy seemed to have legs but still didn’t make a…

WESTERVILLE, OH—In a television interview where he conceded that he had made some significant mistakes, Hunter Biden admitted Tuesday it was poor judgment on his part to be involved with the corrupt Biden family. “Now that I’ve had time to step back and take stock, it’s clear to me that due to the numerous improprieties swirling around them, I never should have gotten involved with the Biden family in the first place,” said Hunter, 49, adding that although he believed his conduct and…

LITTLE ROCK, AR—Reassuring the man that he would receive an immediate response to his emergency, a 911 operator reportedly informed local black caller Jerry Wardell Tuesday that death was on the way. “Thank you for calling 911, please sit tight and don’t worry, first responders will be there to end your life shortly,” said the 911 operator after confirming what Wardell looked like, as well as…

Research published in Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality And Outcomes found that dog owners who suffered a stroke or heart attack had a roughly 30% lower chance of death than those without dogs. What do you think?

KINGSTON, RI—Explaining that their recent findings indicated that climate change would have some positive effects on the environment, encouraged marine biologists at the University of Rhode Island projected Tuesday that the planet’s oceans will be a nice, simmering seafood bisque by 2040. “Within the next 20 years or so, we expect that global temperatures will have increased to the point that the majority of the ocean…

Maybe you’ve taken an extended break from gaming and now want to get back into things. It can feel very intimidating: there are new games, new consoles, new slang, a lot of teenagers, and what’s the deal with Twitch? Here’s some tips on where to start.

Stephen F. Austin, Barbara Jordan, Tom Landry and more are buried at the cemetery in East Austin.

Richland County deputies are searching from Kieara Outing, who hasn't been seen in two weeks.

The bridge, which has been out of use since 2014, was featured in the films "Second Hand Lions" and "Varsity Blues."

The funding comes from the U.S. Department of Commerce's Economic Development Administration.

The CEO of Empower Texans said he will release the full audio he secretly recorded, where Bonnen offers him a quid pro quo to target Republican incumbents.

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This blog is pretty personal to me since I’m now one and a half years out from my own cancer diagnosis. I’ll be drawing both from my own experiences and research that I’ve done. I’ll be discussing the emotional toll hair loss takes, what the options are

There was excitement in the air on the band room Sunday afternoon at Austin High School, an excitement you wouldn't expect from a group of high schoolers