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Back in May, iconic Red River Cultural District venue Beerland abruptly closed after club owner Richard Lynn announced plans to sell the venue to an

Tonight, 12 Democrats will take the stage in Ohio, a state that, despite common misperception, is central to the clean energy transition happening across the country. When it comes to clean energy, Ohio: Is ranked eighth in the nation with more than 112,000 clean energy jobs

Sunday, I stumbled onto my new favorite art form.To be fair, the form is not entirely new, but this fresh twist on cabaret theater attained almost instant

NEW YORK—Hoping that it was just a matter of time for some sort of scandal to draw attention away from the recent controversy with China, sources reported Tuesday that NBA commissioner Adam Silver is waiting quietly for the NFL to fuck up and take some heat off. “I’m sure they have some domestic abuse allegations out there to bungle and then we are in the clear,” said Silver, noting that the NFL officiating controversy seemed to have legs but still didn’t make a…

Houston already has its own Uchi. Now it’s getting a “child of Uchi.” Uchiko will open in Post Oak Place in Uptown Houston in 2021.

On October 9, 2019, the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) issued guidance relating to cryptocurrencies in the effort to educate taxpayers about their tax obligations with respect to transactions involving digital assets.1

WESTERVILLE, OH—In a television interview where he conceded that he had made some significant mistakes, Hunter Biden admitted Tuesday it was poor judgment on his part to be involved with the corrupt Biden family. “Now that I’ve had time to step back and take stock, it’s clear to me that due to the numerous improprieties swirling around them, I never should have gotten involved with the Biden family in the first place,” said Hunter, 49, adding that although he believed his conduct and…

LITTLE ROCK, AR—Reassuring the man that he would receive an immediate response to his emergency, a 911 operator reportedly informed local black caller Jerry Wardell Tuesday that death was on the way. “Thank you for calling 911, please sit tight and don’t worry, first responders will be there to end your life shortly,” said the 911 operator after confirming what Wardell looked like, as well as…

Research published in Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality And Outcomes found that dog owners who suffered a stroke or heart attack had a roughly 30% lower chance of death than those without dogs. What do you think?

KINGSTON, RI—Explaining that their recent findings indicated that climate change would have some positive effects on the environment, encouraged marine biologists at the University of Rhode Island projected Tuesday that the planet’s oceans will be a nice, simmering seafood bisque by 2040. “Within the next 20 years or so, we expect that global temperatures will have increased to the point that the majority of the ocean…

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The pipeline’s route would carry 760,000 barrels of oil per day, crossing 15 watersheds affecting 215 lakes, and violating Ojibwe treaty rights.

The avocado received a Guinness World Record for the world's heaviest avocado. The average avocado weighs about 6 ounces.

University of Texas and Nobel Prize winning professor John Goodenough continues to celebrate his accomplishment.

What is a spec suite and who should consider leasing a spec suite? In this article, we explain what a spec suite is, give the pros and cons of...

In an after-school program at Southside Elementary, second grade kids are learning to use code—the building blocks of computer programming; in the coming months they eventually will use it to

According to NASA’s JPL, the giant space rock known as 2019 TA7 will skim past Earth at a distance of roughly 930,000 miles, making its closest approach to Earth in nearly 115 years.

Maybe you’ve taken an extended break from gaming and now want to get back into things. It can feel very intimidating: there are new games, new consoles, new slang, a lot of teenagers, and what’s the deal with Twitch? Here’s some tips on where to start.

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Keep Plainview Beautiful, Runningwater Draw RSVP, local 4-H kids, third and fourth graders from Plainview Christian Academy, Plainview High School ROTC and the PHS baseball team gathered Wednesday to conduct a trash sweep of the Plainview Hike and Bike Trail. less
Keep Plainview Beautiful, Runningwater Draw RSVP, local 4-H kids, third and fourth graders from Plainview Christian Academy, Plainview…

“Seventy-seven percent of respondents in a recent survey said estate and legacy strategies were important for everyone, not just wealthy individuals, yet only 24% said they had taken the basic step of designating beneficiaries for all of their accounts.” Think Advisor reported on a survey conducted by a financial services...

Good day Austin, and Brownwood (the Brownwood Bulletin ran my last First Reading, so, `Hey.') and the rest of Texas:Tonight is the fourth Democratic

Metallica drummer sat in with folk rock outfit during their headlining set Austin City Limits Fest

By Anna Bager, OAAA President & CEO I began my new role at OAAA in mid-September. What a month it has been! Over the past four weeks, I’ve commuted betwee

Older music has been losing market share on audio streaming services in the U.S. Is Oasis’ 1995 hit proof that the trend could reverse itself?

Here are the proposed Texas constitutional amendments up for a vote this year and what they mean for the state.

This poll examines health care issues in the Democratic presidential primary , government negotiation of prescription drug prices, party trust on health care, Medicare-for-all, and the pending Texa…

Seattle, WA-- Tomorrow, advocates from conservation and local organizations will publicly call on the Northwest Power and Conservation Council (NWPCC) to include critical protections for orca and salmon at their public hearing seeking public comment on their latest five-year Fish and Wildlife Plan. Advocates from conservation organizations will testify -- stressing the need for a plan to ensure recovery of the region’s rapidly declining whale and fish populations. See full event details here.

WESTERVILLE, Ohio -- A dozen Democrats will cram onto an Ohio stage Tuesday night, the biggest field of presidential candidates ever to take part in a...