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Some cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation can cause infertility. The risk of infertility is an important topic to discuss…

” I haven’t been [a member of WLT for] long, but hope to learn a lot and meet a lot of folks at the upcoming Agents and Editors Conference.” — Laura Bray A member of the Writers&#…

What are penny stocks, and should you consider trading them? Read Fidelity's viewpoint on the risky trading strategy here.

While her work was decidedly less than highbrow, Krantz made no apologies for the steamy novels with titles like "Princess Daisy," and ''Mistral's Daughter."

It's all about tips for driving safer. With rapid growth, summer travels and a lot of road construction going on, TxDOT has some important tips for everyone.

The airline was responding to an incident involving a woman who described waking up 'all alone' on a 'cold dark' aircraft after a flight to Toronto.

A Dallas man died Sunday afternoon after hitting an 18-wheeler in Grand Prairie, police said.Jesus E. Ramirez-Gonzalez, 22, veered into the...

The earthquake struck at 8:53 p.m. Saturday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

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A person was wounded Sunday morning when a man reportedly attacked people with a machete in Fort Worth.

Austin took over The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night as country singer Willie Nelson and University of Texas Forward Jaxson Hayes made

A woman has been charged with criminally negligent homicide after police say she ran over her 3-year-old son during a game of 'chicken' in Houston.

More and more employers are realizing that second chance hiring is not only good for their businesses but also good for society as inmates with meaningful jobs are far less likely to return to criminal activity.

As a single mother by choice I expected the "Who's the daddy?" question to come up. I've actually been surprised at the restraint people have shown when I've

What’s Keith’s favorite show-opener? Why doesn’t Mick like playing “Beast of Burden?” The band shares how they plan a gig ahead of their U.S. tour launch

The president recently exchanged personal letters with the North Korean dictator

The frontman on the band’s upcoming Solid Sound Festival, the end of their hiatus, and new studio work

Lawmakers praised a bill for protecting victims of human trafficking, but the governor said it it would have "unintended consequences" and could provide an incentive for human traffickers to use underage prostitutes.

Double-murder suspect Jesus Cartagena Jr. told El Paso police that he had "done something bad in Albuquerque," according to documents.

HedRe: Allies put U.S. credibility to test - More proof is sought; Pompeo says evidence of Iran role 'unmistakable,' Monday news story.Here we...

Medics rescued an injured woman in a collision involving two jet skis near Pace Ben Park, according to the Austin-Travis County EMS.Officials said the

More than a dozen migrants were rescued in southwestern Arizona after they crossed into a military bombing range and became lost, according to Border Patrol.

A Utah woman is facing a felony charge tied to animal torture, accused of putting a hair tie around a 4-month-old puppy's mouth for as long as two weeks to keep her from barking.

Police and friends are investigating the disappearance of a 23-year-old University of Utah student whose last communication with her family said she arrived at Salt Lake City International Airport five days ago.