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The next generation may be willing to continue. However, it is important to prepare for the legal issues. If it turns out that the next generation of a family with a farm want to work it, you have a good start at succession. However, you will also need an estate...

Doctors could face 20 years in prison for not providing reasonable care to save a child born alive after an attempted abortion.

The county medical exam stated scarring on the victim's body suggests that the birth in December was not the first time the victim gave birth.

A 4-month-old girl has died after being left in a van for about five hours at a Westside daycare, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office reported.

This year, a judge will be stationed nearby, where he can issue within minutes blood search warrants for boaters suspected of being intoxicated.

Currently, sexual assault by contact carries the same punishment as a traffic ticket.

Grandma’s hospital gown might as well have been a pantsuit because she totally slayed her five-night stay at the hospital while recovering from her knee replacement operation. Here are five times Grandma was an absolute girlboss during her knee surgery.

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Twenty-five employees have filed sexual harassment charges against McDonald’s, describing accusations of sexual harassment, lewd comments, and retaliation on the job. What do you think?

Directed by Alice Stanley, Chickens in the Yard explores the story of a family through the eyes of their four chickens, delving into memory, identity, queerness, and what it means to make a home
Set in Pittsburgh, Chickens in the Yard explores three days in the life of a family as they grow, stumble, and fall into their future. The play explores what gay identity means for one couple, as they journey from the families that raised them to the family they choose…

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- 4:30-6pm workshop - Following the performance, Olivia O'Hare and Veronica DeWitt will facilitate a participatory workshop open to the public. We will use exercises from the DanceAbility method of improvisational dance to offer a direct experience of dance as a way to explore the theme of care as well as respond to Cruzvillegas' idea of autoconstruccion - to make something out of nothing - in relationship to identity - how can we know who we are until we allow the time to…

PHILADELPHIA—Plunged into an abyss of forlorn longing by the sight of a days-old grease stain on his kitchen counter, local man Sean Richardson confessed Wednesday that he still chances across painful reminders of a long-gone but much-loved hoagie around his apartment. “God, I can’t take two steps in the kitchen without succumbing to hysterics. The empty spot in the refrigerator where I stored the second half…

A blood donation can save many lives and in South Texas the blood supply at the Coastal Bend Blood Center is "extremely low."

Harshats with Hearts to honor former NFL noce tackle Jim Burt; Black Panther writer to keynote architects conference

There are tricks to combat the problem of having a tiny closet. Here’s how to get more use from this space. For more tips, call Handyman Connection today.

What are the best stretches to get moving in the morning? Try these total body morning stretches for physical therapy.

PHILADELPHIA—Declaring that they “wouldn’t want to be him right now,” teammates of unathletic outfielder Brett Golliver, son of Coach Bo, confirmed Wednesday that he was going to get fucking reamed out after the game for dropping a routine fly ball in the sixth inning. “Oh my God, it went right through his hands. That poor motherfucker is as good as dead,” said first baseman Tyler Dixon, recalling how Coach Bo glared with silent fury after watching his son overthrow the cut-off man on…

AUSTIN - The Texas Department of Public Safety is asking for the public's help in solving the 1993 disappearance of Stephane Meeks Henderson, and an increased reward of up to $6,000 is being offered for information

Noise-canceling headphones are increasingly popular, but many people think they’re not worth the purchase. The Onion breaks down the pros and cons of buying noise-canceling headphones.