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New branch now open
We look forward to serving you in our new location in Whitley County, KY! Find the address and hours HERE!
Enjoy more protection and peace of mind.
Commercial Bank Purchase Alerts will notify you of Visa card activity, so you can help reduce fraud and monitor your spending, anytime, anywhere. Learn More.
Summer Vacation?
If you plan to use your debit or credit card while you travel, don't forget to notify the bank first! Call Customer Service at: (423)869-5151…

The 75 banks that earned a spot on our fifth annual ranking of the Best Banks to Work For could inspire you with their ideas for creating a culture of both positivity and high performance.

The mortgage preapproval, for years a crucial step in the home-buying process, is losing its luster with lenders, new data shows
A mortgage preapproval is a written commitment lenders give to buyers that states the maximum size home loan they can get as well as the likely interest rate. Buyers rely on preapprovals to make sure they’re shopping for a home that’s in their price range. But new federal data suggests lenders are scaling back on preapprovals. Among the top 25…

We are excited about having a new look as part of Commercial Bank's 40th birthday celebration! Our new blue logo with three overlapping triangles made it's debut in February of 2016
The logo has been incorporated into our branch signage, website, documents, social media, advertising, community sponsorships, and everywhere you are accustomed to seeing the previous green logo
We hope you were notified of the change…

According to BMO Harris Bank’s 2016 Business Outlook Study, a survey of U.S. business owners and senior managers, a mix of internal and external demands are key drivers of innovation. And while business leaders understand the need to innovate, they also cited several obstacles that can make the task more difficult, such as capital requirements and the lack of talent in place to execute their plans.

With this bull market in commercial real estate now five years old (six for public real estate securities), isn’t it time to be cautious? The bull market’s duration does not, by itself, indicate how long it may last.

Avidia Bank, a leading provider of commercial lending solutions for small and medium sized businesses, announced the launch of Commercial Lending Cent

HomeStreet Bank is committed to the needs of all customers. If you are using a screen reader and are having problems using the website, please call 800-719-8080 (TTY/TDD 855-584-0256) Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 7:00 pm (PDT) and Saturday 9:00 am through 4:00 pm (PDT), except holidays. For loan customers please call 800-809-1377 Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (PDT), except holidays…

Bremer Bank locations are in Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin. Find a local Bremer location near you.

Banks that provide business loans look for specific characteristics. Are you eligible for a business loan? Use this helpful infographic to find out
When you’re in the market for a business loan time is usually of the essence. Whether you’re in the market to expand or need a business loan to help pay expenses facts are facts: you need an injection of cash fast!
Business loans have requirements that extend beyond traditional consumer financing. When faced with the prospect of obtaining a business…

Rob Nichols and Roy Whitehead explain their lawsuit alleging that the withholding of Fed stock dividends is a breach of contract and a violation of the Fifth Amendment.

There’s a reason Granny thinks her credit card is “AmaaaZiiing.” The points she earns on every purchase can be redeemed for any purchase. That means whether ...

Only around the holidays could something this old fashioned be this charming. Here is our original holiday kitten commercial first aired in 1980. This is the...

The two types of financial institutions are structured differently, and that has an impact on you. At credit unions, you’re a member, not a customer.

Source:, Date: 7/19/2016 7:00:00 AM, Article: All things evolve. Living creatures evolve, whether they are people and animals or plants: They change to adapt to their surroundings. Structures can evolve too: A home is expanded to meet the needs of a larger family, while a building -- like the one next to my office -- can be transformed from vintage 1930s commercial office space into a 21st...

To serve the right product, at the right time, banks must understand customer behaviour through analytics

For the first time since before the economic recession, Americans have a positive image of the banking and real estate industries. Views of the automobile industry also remain positive after a large improvement in opinions in 2010.