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Washington-based Medical Lake Veterinary Hospital shared a post to warn dog owners of the dangers of paw pad burns.

The latest data shows obesity rates dropped to about 14% in 2016, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported, down from 16% in 2010.

The freeze front creates an unusual liquid flow on the surface of the soap bubbles, new research suggests.

Family members notified police that a woman drove her vehicle with two children inside into the Kalamazoo River in Michigan.

Police said an Indiana man posed as a millionaire online, established a relationship with a teen in Alaska and convinced the girl to kill her friend.

Detroit Youth Choir, a community-based group led by Choir Director Anthony White, reminded "America's Got Talent" host Terry Crews of himself.

President Trump’s kickoff of his 2020 campaign showed that his portrait of the country is still bleak — and that he needs an opponent beyond Hillary Clinton.

Tom Hanks returns for another animated go-round as Woody in Disney's 'Toy Story 4' while fostering his America's dad label on screen and off.

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We're getting older, and the global population is expected to peak at about 11 billion, the U.N. Population Division found.

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For a man who wants to be seen as an outsider despite occupying the Oval Office, the rally on Tuesday night presented an opportunity to, at least for one night, turn the clock back to 2015.

Bill Cosby is doing “extremely well” in prison, giving motivational speeches to his fellow inmates and working out.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 | The 4th year 1992
Continued from yesterday. As described yesterday, we were now a very grassroots, small, non-profit organization providing a service; this was never in our plan or our vision. Should GPSN provide services or not was the question. During the first board meeting of 1992, the board voted on whether or not we could provide services. The vote was a tie, and each side was absolutely sure they were right. The board agreed that I could…

Petra Costa’s documentary chronicles the impeachment of one president, the imprisonment of another and the triumph of authoritarian politics.

When companies regard so many full-fledged workers as independent contractors, without employment and pay protection, it takes a toll on our economy and society.

When children's literature is done right, it connects with us on some visceral, primal level -- somewhere beyond conscious thought -- delivering...

Donald Trump's supporters arrived early to get prime seats for the Orlando rally, waiting beneath cloudy skies and enduring heat and humidity.

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Who doesn’t love making signs and getting angry with other people? Rage is a stronger social lubricant than alcohol, and it’s free!

The measles outbreak in the United States continues to grow, with the number of cases this year now reaching 1,044, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.