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Count down every day to Major League Baseball Season Opening Day, with your own customizable countdown clock.

Drivers in the United States spend 70 billion hours a year behind the wheel, according to new research.

We are honored to have so many talented and hardworking women in the FASTSIGNS network.

Based on a study of more than 13.5 million cars, these are the ones that most frequently exceed 200,000 miles on the odometer.

Keeping these pantry essentials in your kitchen allows you to whip up quick meals and minimize your takeout spending.

Nobody likes paying taxes. Even so, most people have probably never considered telling the Internal Revenue Service they can’t pay because their social security

Fastsigns named Supreme Champion of Global Franchise Awards 2019
| 26 Feb 2019
The franchising industry descended on Global Franchise’s stand at the IFA 2019 convention in Las Vegas on Monday 26 February to take part in the annual celebration of the best international franchises from across the world
Nine franchises were announced as respective winners of their categories, with one of the nine going on…

Poverty isn't always what it seems: Sometimes, it's hiding in your city or close to your neighborhood. To take a closer look at our communities, we've gathered data on the poorest ZIP codes in the U.S. Scan census data on median household income by ZIP code, map the poorest community near you, or see which is the least affluent area in your state. The results may surprise you! Click on the below image to expand Developed by TitleMax.com What Is the Poorest ZIP…

See the full chart of the different product prices we found. Don’t you hate it when you reach for trash bags, paper towels, or batteries, and you discover someone used the last one and didn’t bother to mention it? Sure, it’s annoying, but it can also put a dent in your wallet. Research has shown that consumers who make a midweek “fill in” trip to the store buy twice the number of items they had intended. Hit the supermarket aisles less often, and…

It’s so easy to spend on things we don’t really need. Here are some easy money saving tips to help curb junk spending.

In 2017, direct spending on leisure travel in the United States by both domestic and international travelers totaled $716.7 billion. Exploring the United States is a lucrative, fulfilling pastime for both domestic and international travelers. Travel within the United States generated a total of $2.4 trillion in economic input and supported a total of 15.6 million jobs in 2017. U.S. residents logged 1.8 billion "person-trips" for…

Do you want to travel but are a college student? Check out these tips and tricks to cheap travel, how to budget and make your dream vacation come true on a budget.

Virginia is home to the country's wealthiest county (Loudoun, VA) but also the biggest in-state wealth disparity between its wealthiest and poorest counties. We've taken a deep dive into the poorest and wealthiest counties in the U.S., looking closely at each state's median income on the county level, and the data is pretty surprising. Developed by TitleMax.com Loudoun, VA, at $134,600 in median household income, is more than $100,000 above the median household income of the state's poorest

From the key numbers to the milestone moments discover the story of BP’s year in seven highlights.

Travel safely this winter by keeping these 12 items in your car at all times.

So while your grandmother’s china might not fetch a pretty penny, there are other items from the 1950s could be worth more than you think.

Keep your apartment warm this winter without blowing up your budget. Here are 8 tips for lowering your heating bill.

We asked our readers on Facebook and got hundreds of great ideas. Here are 10 of the best/most popular.

See how EnergyLogic's BIG MacroAir HVLS fans move air through your space with the AirViz CFD visualization tool. Contact us for custom energy solutions.

Frenzied competition between companies like Uber and Lyft is converging with both traditional car companies (GM, BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz) and technology leaders (Google, Apple, Tesla) in the race to dominate on-demand mobility.

Waste-oil combustion products are only as efficient as their ability to facilitate combustion,and balance must be perfect for combustion within the chamber.

Whatever your New Year’s resolution ideas are, we’ve rounded up 23 tips and tricks to help you accomplish them for less!

It may feel like organizing your refrigerator is impossible. However, this aspect of apartment living is easy to achieve if you follow the right tips. Here’s our refrigerator organization guide to keep you on track.

Waste-oil combustion helps you save money, energy, and the planet, all while staying more comfortable in your home or office.

You can't take it with you … or can you? These are the highest-paid dead celebrities, who make more money posthumously than most of us will in our lifetimes. Usually routed to their estate, record label, or an organization set up in their name, the money of these top-grossing dead celebrities is still getting pumped into the economy, albeit more slowly. Some of these musicians, artists, and figures have been dead for decades, and some of them didn't see a fraction of the…

Apartment living requires a somewhat minimalist approach to your kitchen space, involving frequent tidying and creative storage solutions. Keep your surfaces clutter-free and stay on top of kitchen organization with these tips.

Check out the groundbreaking technology of the biggest electronics company in the U.S. with this comprehensive list of all Apple products! A timeline shows us just how much Apple has changed the core of the tech industry in only four decades, bringing the abstract concept of computing from college campuses to our pockets. What's different now that our world is full of Apple products? History has…

Be prepared to survive a roadside emergency with this complete checklist guide of items to help you prepare and survive a roadside breakdown or accident.

What are the highest-grossing films of the past decade, and how do they compare to Oscar winners and critical darlings? We've found the top three highest box office successes of the past ten years and broken them down by production budget, domestic gross, worldwide gross, and the estimated profit of each.

Troy Charlton aims to provide great service and uses RealSatisfied to gather performance feedback and ratings as a 3rd party from customers to measure and manage performance.

On this day in 1974, President Richard M. Nixon signs the Emergency Highway Energy Conservation Act, setting a new national maximum speed limit. Prior to 1974,

From using apps to making transfers, here are some easy ways to save money even if you're a big spender.

Have you dreamed of home ownership but aren't ready for the financial responsibility that comes with it? House Hacking is a phenomenon that's gone viral and is helping people build wealth through their home. You no longer have to choose between home ownership or saving money! See just how it works.

Seasonal produce tastes better and provides the nutrition your body needs. Here are five tips to eat seasonally during the winter.

Introducing the TitleMax® Mobile App VIEW IN SPANISH The TitleMax® Mobile App is available in two different versions. Choose your download preference below: Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

Who doesn’t want to feel more comfortable, less stressed out and be able to afford occasional luxuries, like travel, gadgets or some nice clothes? Your finances can impact all areas of life, and can even put an unnecessary strain on your love life, so it is a good idea to learn a few useful things about effective

Read these frequently asked questions to find out more about our flexible line of credit loans and how this TitleMax lending option can work for you. Once approved, you can withdraw funds whenever you need them!

KATY, TX - Olympus Property announced the successful acquisition of Echo at Katy Ranch, a Class-A garden style community built in 2013 and located...