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Wirtgen develops special milling tools specifically for these applications

Need a cheap weekend getaway this summer? Plan a road trip to a nearby waterfront park for an inexpensive adventure.

From renewable energy and cleaner-burning natural gas to new lower carbon businesses and advanced fuels, we are working to make all forms of energy cleaner and better

Risk-taker. Adventurous. Spontaneous. These are not words we typically associate with budgeting, right? No, budgeters are responsible. Budgeters are planners. Budgeters are homebodies—maybe even a little … boring, right? Budgeting won’t make you boring. In fact, taking control of your money will let you have more fun and take more risks. And I’m not talking about “take on a lot of debt” kind of risk. And I definitely don’t mean “work so much you risk your health” kind of risk. I’m talking about…

This post contains affiliate links, which earn revenue for this site at no extra cost to you. See my disclosure policy here. If you're trying to avoid using disposable products (a sensible frugal move!), make

Troy Charlton aims to provide great service and uses RealSatisfied to gather performance feedback and ratings as a 3rd party from customers to measure and manage performance.

The half payment method helps you avoid the financial pinch of paying your most expensive bills all at once.

Before I started using YNAB, I went to some extreme lengths to make sure my savings dollars were safe. For instance, I used to hide these dollars in labeled envelopes all over our apartment. I did this for two reasons: It allowed me to feel some reassurance and security because each dollar had a specific purpose and couldn’t be spent accidentally on something else. In my mind, it seemed logical that if someone broke into our apartment and happened to find one or…

Sometimes a busy schedule leaves you feeling tired, overwhelmed, and uninspired. Even if you feel like you don't have another second in the day for yourself, neglecting self-care will actually make these feelings worse. Take some time for yourself with these 27 tips for self-care.

Becoming wealthy and staying that way takes a certain level of discipline. Sure, an occasional splurge won't put you in the poor house, but frequent frivolous spending can quickly erode your net worth. The frugal habits necessary to achieve financial success and maintain it can be surprisingly simple

The Alaska Village Electric Cooperative Inc. offers the highest electricity prices in the country, according to our data review. We've taken a closer look at the cost of electricity in the U.S., including electricity prices by state and by county, examining the outlandish electricity bills that Americans are paying across the country. This study has found the most and least expensive electricity rates in the country. Created by TitleMax.com What Is

Ezell-Harding is a Pre-School through 12th grade independent Christian school in southeast Nashville, Tennessee.

The biggest bankruptcy of all time was declared by Lehman Brothers on Sept. 15, 2008. They had $691,063,000,000 in assets prior to bankruptcy. Before filing for bankruptcy, Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. was the fourth-largest investment bank in the U.S. Due to Lehman's involvement in mortgage origination, it plummeted tremendously amid the 2008 mortgage crisis. Here are the 20 biggest bankruptcies in U.S. history and some noteworthy bankruptcies of 2017 and 2018. Created

When you feel uninspired, take a few minutes to read the words of some very inspiring people.

Grooms often rent their tuxedos, so why don’t brides rent their dresses? Here’s how a wedding dress rental can help you save big on your big day.

To reduce your monthly food budget, check out these 6 reasons why meal planning will help you save money on food each week.

The cost of getting around town adds up. But there are lots of ways to save money on gas, from scouting the best rewards programs to keeping your tires properly inflated.

Before you turn on your 'out of office' - watch this video for 5 money saving tips you may want to consider before going on vacation.

In the world of autonomous vehicles, Pittsburgh, Phoenix and Silicon Valley are bustling hubs of development and testing. But ask those involved in self-driving vehicles when we might actually see them carrying passengers in every city, and you'll get an almost universal answer: Not anytime soon.

We take a look at some of the most innovative apps that can help you further your financial goals without having to do much more than open up your phone.

Itching to travel but not sure how to save for a vacation? These 10 tips will help you build your travel fund so you can be on your way.

Staying positive has been scientifically linked to greater financial success.

This infographic provides a timeline of all known Amazon acquisitions since the beginning, revealing possible strategies and patterns along the way. Click the below image to view the full-sized infographic Created by TitleMax.com Amazon is the largest Internet company by revenue in the entire world and is the second-largest employer in the United States. In 2018, Amazon's revenue was $232.887 billion in U.S. dollars. To understand

Cars that don't require expensive maintenance will save you money in the long run.

Deciding how much to tip, who to tip, or when to skip tipping altogether can be confusing. Learn how much to tip plus some do’s and don’ts when tipping.

The future of employment looks very different from today. If you count only those jobs ranked in the top 10 most popular professions in the U.S., only counting within those the ones with a 90% or more likelihood of automation, there will be 16 million jobs lost to automation within the next few years. Click the image to view the full-size infographic. Created by TitleMax.com Retail sales employees represent nearly a fourth of that number: 4,442,909 workers. The "retail salesperson" job has an…

FedEx Office is adding a new kind of worker in North Texas: A robot that can deliver a hot pepperoni pizza, a bag of groceries or a prescription to...

How do you meet the challenge of reducing emissions across BP? Ten BP people tell us how they’re targeting a low carbon future in every corner of the business − from big ideas like redesigning supertankers to small steps to cut workplace waste

We would like to give you unique insight into all the goings-on around the WIRTGEN GROUP's exhibition area. This section will cover highlights and impressions from the exhibitions of our product brands, and of the people representing the WIRTGEN GROUP at Bauma 2019.

Some 10,000 cyclists are expected to participate in the 35th annual BP MS150 Houston to Austin Bike Ride on April 27-28, with an overnight stay in La Grange. Total mileage for the cyclists is about 140-170 miles. The ride also is projected to raise nearly $14 million for the National MS Society. This year, there are 254 corporate teams among the 415 registered teams.

When kids get to school, the family budget can get tight. Try these tips to make the most of your money — and enjoy your kids while they’re young.

Right now, the U.S. unemployment rate is about four percent, and it's been sinking ever since the economic crisis of 2009 (when it was closer to 10%). If we zoom in and look closer at communities and cities across the USA

It hurts to waste money. To save cash, many items warrant a purchase. Some things, however, will save you money and time if you rent them.

Year after year, the airlines are raking in billions in checked bag fees. So, it’s no wonder that passengers — and some clever companies — are fighting back. It turns out the best solution might be to travel bag-free, to instead ship your bags so they arrive ahead of you.

Maureen Short is a West Pointer and former US Army captain who learned about drowsy driving firsthand when she was a company commander in Iraq.