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Merrill Guerra, Broker/Owner, MBA, GRI is an experienced and professional marketer for sellers and an energetic and hard-working advocate for buyers.

Workout of the May 23, 2019 Row: 250M Burpee Plate Jump: 7 Ball Slam: 7 (#30/#20) Every 2:00 for 6 Intervals

All the details and specs from the new McIntosh C49 Pre Amplifier. The new pre includes the robust DA1 digital module for additional connecivity.

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University of Michigan Donald R. Shepherd Director of Athletics Warde Manuel announced Wednesday (May 22), former Wolverine All-American and NBA All-Star Juwan Howard has been named the David and Meredith Kaplan Men's Basketball Head Coach, becoming the 17th men's basketball coach in the history of the program.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has announced that it has completed data entry for all 2019 (Fiscal Year 2020) H-1B cap-subject...

NWS encourages state and local governments, municipalities, beachfront organizations, chambers of commerce, and all others to download and print any the materials above. You are welcome to include your organization's logo or name. This life-saving message was vetted by a team of meteorologists, coastal scientists, and lifeguards and may NOT be altered
Escapese de la Resaca: Espanol, color: PDF
Break the Grip of the Rip Sign…

The filing demonstrates lawsuit misrepresents facts, ignores legal precedent and fails to prove legal harm, and is based on a rule fabricated by class action attorneys.

Severe storms with tornadoes and flash flooding have caused extensive damage throughout the Plains and Midwest. Here's the latest.

Workout of the May 22, 2019 Run: 200 Push-Up: 20 Bar MU: 5 (or C2B) AMRAP: 20 Minutes

Motorized window treatments may seem like something from the future, but they are available from Hunter Douglas now and offer a wide variety of benefits. Motorized Blinds Are Safe and Easy to Opera…

McIntosh Lab’s new solid-state C49 preamplifier has a feature that ensures its owners will never get left behind in the digital technology stakes – its DA1 digital audio module is swappable whenever there’s a new one featuring the latest technology
This, says the company, will allow users to “keep their C49 up to date with digital music formats and is viable well into the future.”
Apart from this, the C49 has a multitude of inputs; on the analogue end, there are two balanced…

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Great apartments close to University of Michigan. This apartment located in Ann Arbor, MI has all the academic features and amenities you want.

Workout of the May 21, 2019 Interval :30/:30 Burpee Pull-Up (6” outside reach) Air Squat DB Push Press (#35/#25) 5 Rounds

President Donald J. Trump signed and issued an Executive Order (EO) on May 15, 2019, declaring a national emergency with respect to threats against...

If you’re a successful leader and business owner, maybe you’re wondering – is it time to take myself out of the game? Done correctly, it's a step with several rewards.

Investors looking for income can find yields that outpace inflation without taking extraordinary risks, but it requires careful consideration of the tradeoffs between risk and reward.

1 in 5 parents report their child never wears a helmet when riding a bike. Most parents acknowledge their child does not use hand signals or walk their bike across crosswalks. Some parents report not having helmet rules for bikes (22%), skateboards (27%), and non-motorized scooters (34%).

Emerging technologies present an opportunity to reinvigorate insurance through the creation of diverse teams.

Albert Kahn (designer); sculptor unknown 1925; Limestone; Architectural Artifact Gone; Originally on front (south) side of Old Main Hospital’s Administration Wing Designed by noted Detroit architect Albert Kahn, the new… more

Trees add beauty while benefiting the environment. Learn the right way to plant one in your outdoor space

In Paradise, California, after the historic Camp Fire, the sights were familiar to veterans of past fires but startling to visitors seeing a major wildfire scene for the first time.

Employers are voicing their concerns over the rising claims and admin costs of their health plans and brokers and consultants are constantly on the lookout for new ideas that can make an impact and help them stay ahead of their competition.

ATHOL — To Every Thing There is a Season (Ecclesiasties 3). Life is full of changes. A community and a church are no different. The members, friends, and community of the Athol Congregational Church United Church of Christ will soon celebrate the time...

The latest long-range outlook shows that summer could be hot in the East as cooler conditions set up in the nation's midsection.