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Robotic filters are helping scientists pinpoint the scale of microplastic pollution in our oceans. And the results make for uncomfortable reading.

Switzerland’s policies in support of women have lagged behind many of its European neighbours - so women are taking to the streets in protest.

Around two-thirds of extreme weather - such as storms and droughts - showed a link to human-caused climate change.

Feeling angry and resentful about clients and crying for no reason can be signs of burnout, which has just been re-labelled by the World Health Organisation.

From differences in heart attack symptoms meaning women are misdiagnosed, to overprescription of sleeping pills, author Caroline Criado Perez reveals what inspired her to write a book about gender bias in data.

Researchers used a video game which required volunteers to spot deer like hunter-gatherers in different environments. The results could have lessons for humans today.

The findings lay the foundations for future research into communication with other species.

As an umpire it's easy to miss things when the ball regularly travels over 100 km/h. That's why technology now plays a key role in international cricket.

A rock fall that started on a ridge 1,000 feet above a Colorado highway May 24 left a boulder the size of a building blocking the two-lane road. The 2.5-million-pound boulder destroyed a section of CO 145 between Cortez and Telluride. On May 26, the Colorado Department of Transportation had the boulder blasted and the […]

Our prolonged financial crisis has renewed interest in Keynes's theory that government spending should counteract slow economic growth – as economist Linda Yueh explains in this book extract

International investment in nuclear fusion research projects around the world may mean that the technology could become a practical reality in the not-too-distant future.

Researchers have engineered flying robots to behave like hummingbirds, training them with machine learning algorithms based on various techniques the bird uses naturally every day.

In order to meet the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and secure the livelihoods of millions across the developing world, harmful subsidies to large fleets must end by 2020.

More than 450,000 commuters and shoppers pass through Warwick Junction marketplace every day - but it was nearly wiped from existence.

As public crises like obesity and environmental destruction continue to worsen, behavioural science is more vital to policy-makers than ever.

To realise the full potential of the new digital economy, Africa's governments must harness their greatest asset - the young people who make up 60% of the continent's population.

One school in India is trying to tackle the country’s plastic waste problem and improve education at the same time.

Measure creates funding stream for stormwater infrastructure and other mitigation
New Jersey Law Helps Cities Better Prepare for Floods
A man walks across a flooded intersection in Hackensack, N.J. on September 25, 2018, following heavy rains. New legislation signed today by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy provides local leaders with an effective new tool to protect property and keep residents safe during flooding
Bryan Anselm/The…

Feeding garden birds is becoming ever more popular. And new research shows it's having a big impact on species' population numbers.

It's not surprising that governments around the world are taking steps to win the AI arms race. But many of the challenges we are grappling with today will be answered if we take the time to learn from one another.

If sustainable urbanization is one of the paramount challenges of the 21st century, then Asia is ground zero for determining whether humanity can succeed.

On May 20, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials sent a letter co-signed by 30 other transportation associations and groups to both Democrat and Republican Congress…

This is Memorial Day weekend and the traditional beginning of summer. It is a time for backyard cookouts, swim parties, and Vespers at Camp Broadway
It is also a time to remember. In our 240-years-plus as a nation more than a million soldiers, sailors, and Marines have given their lives while serving their country. I have been honored to walk the sacred path alongside several Gold Star mother, fathers, wives, sons, and daughters who lost their beloved sons, husbands, and fathers in combat.…

The County conducts routine surveys of concrete facilities in the public right of way and replaces deficient sidewalk, curb, gutter and handicap ramps, as ne...

People who live in cities have greater access to healthier foods and places to exercise.

Emissions reductions alone aren't enough to avoid dangerous levels of global warming, says a new report.

Produced by APWA WA-Chapter for 2019 Public Works Week. Making things work in society.

Even in countries with a powerful home language, the weight of English can be strong.

The eBay findings indicate that AI could be a driving factors for economic growth in many other areas, according to the authors of a recent paper.

The Pew Research Center found that 66% of women and 57% of men in the US support same-sex marriage.