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For same-sex couples, single people, or those with fertility issues, having kids can be pricey. We spoke with six people about how much it cost.

Sierra Energy’s new incinerator, which heats trash to 4,000 degrees and then harvests the gas to make plastics and fuel, was just funded by the Bill Gates-led Breakthrough Energy Ventures.

The Detour Act, which is cosponsored by Senator Mark Warner and has bipartisan support, would make these practices illegal.

The company is launching a new material that could reduce the time, materials, and space required to ship products by 50%.

The new deal will see Clear’s biometric screening kiosks be added at United’s other hub airports of Chicago O’Hare, Houston International, and Newark Liberty.

Senator Mark Warner, a former telecom investor and entrepreneur, explains why he’s sounding the alarm on China’s advancement—and Big Tech’s misconduct.

The 132-year-old company commissioned many of history’s most recognizable fonts, including Gill Sans, Arial, and Times New Roman. Now it’s in the hands of a private equity firm.

The $10 billion deal would result in the formation of the world’s largest online food delivery platform.

In an excerpt from their new book, ‘The Fifth Domain,’ Richard Clarke—the first White House cyberczar—and Robert Knake depict the kind of hacks that could escalate into all-out war.

With the right voice commands, a Google Home speaker can boost your productivity.

Here are six steps you can take toward nurturing happiness, creating a thriving culture and boosting your business.

So many of us are overwhelmed at work. When you’re a manager, you need to deal with your own stress as well as your team’s.

Show compassion without being an audience to your employees’ personal issues by offering an employee assistance program. Find out how these programs work and how they can help your employees stay at work and stay productive.

By Anatasia S. Kim, PhD, coauthor of It’s Time to Talk (And Listen) Yes, absolutely. As long as you’re not looking to mainstream news or social media for the answers.

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When people are not seen as human beings, but as a “storage” problem, the final solution becomes the “logical” solution. Are we going to let that happen

The U.S.’s first counterterrorism czar says the country desperately needs a new approach to defending itself from—and waging—cyberattacks.

A long commute impacts your mood and productivity at work. But you might have more power over it than you realize.

And it’s still only July–which is bad news for the planet. But the group behind Earth Overshoot Day has spelled out some concrete solutions to reverse this trend.

Helping out is not some special skill. It is not the domain of rare individuals. It is not confined to a single part of our lives. We simply heed the call of the natural impulse within and follow it where it heeds us.

In many ways Simba in The Lion King resembles Prince Hal (from Henry IV, Parts 1 & 2) more than Hamlet, with Pumbaa taking after Sir John Falstaff.

There are concrete ways to help your brain normalize your body (and pretty much everyone else’s)

Memorial Tabernacle Family & Friends
Are you excited about Sunday's Block Party Worship service? Be sure to INVITE and SHARE our flyer to the Block Party Worship Sunday, July 28 at 10:30AM.
▪︎ Plan to arrive early (9:30AM) as we setup and pray outside for the service. We are a team of 1!
▪︎ Feel free to bring some fruit, a salad, or dish to share with our neighbors following worship!
It is supposed to be warm so wear and tell others to…

While annual U.S. business travel spending pushes toward $300 billion, savvy expense managers are going beyond using automated solutions to simplify their Travel and Expense (T&E) reporting processes. Companies now have resources to help control spending before, during and after the fact.

On Wednesday, Robert Mueller testified before Congress for nearly seven hours about his investigation into Russia’s interference with the 2016 election and connections to President Trump and his campaign.

In Oklahoma, Republican Senator Jim Inhofe said Thursday that plans to jail 1,600 migrant children at the Fort Sill U.S. Army base have been halted. Inhofe’s announcement came just days after hundreds of protesters shut down the entrance to Fort Sill as part of a series of protests against Republican Governor Kevin Stitt’s efforts to imprison migrant children there. Fort Sill was used during World War II to incarcerate Japanese Americans. It was also once a prison for Native Americans.

California state officials have signed a deal with four major automakers to reduce greenhouse emissions from cars and trucks, defying a White House bid to roll back Obama-era fuel efficiency standards. The deal between California and Ford, Honda, Volkswagen and BMW would see passenger vehicles average about 50 miles per gallon by 2026. The Trump administration has proposed freezing auto efficiency at 2020 levels, or around…

In Europe, at least five people have died as a massive heat wave grips much of the continent, shattering record high temperatures—many of which were set during a previous heat wave just weeks ago. Thermometers in Paris clocked temperatures Thursday of nearly 110 degrees Fahrenheit, an all-time high, with new records also set in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

This summer, Congress introduced bills in support of a just path to 100% clean energy for our country and building out clean transportation with an electric vehicle tax credit. This summer we are excited to engage our congressional leaders in our communities who haven’t supported the vision of the Green New Deal. Educational visits, speaking with constituents, town halls, petition drives, and working with intersectional partners…

Vince Kuraitis Deven McGraw By DEVEN McGRAW and VINCE KURAITIS This post is part of the series “The Health Data Goldilocks Dilemma: Privacy? Sharing? Both?” In our initial blog post of February 20th, “For Your Radar – Huge Implications for Healthcare in Pending Privacy Legislation,” we broadly discussed six key issues for healthcare stakeholders in...

108k attend two Fullsteam-promoted Ed Sheeran shows in Helsinki, attracting 3k more fans than Finland’s biggest festival, Ruisrock