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The launch of this garbage cafe will help some of India’s poorest people feed their families at the same time as cleaning up the environment.

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Researchers have explored the link between social interaction and our mental wellbeing, and how other factors such as income can play a supporting role.

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Aleph Farms will be serving up minute steak developed from a small number of cells taken from a cow, avoiding the need to slaughter the animal in the process.

China faces important questions about further opening up its economy to the rest of the world. By 2040, as much as $37 trillion could be at stake.

Ideal for small to mid-size businesses, BOP insurance makes it simple with one comprehensive package of business insurance coverages. Find out if a BOP is right for your business and how to customize it to fit your insurance needs.

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New 'hardsec' techniques that bypass software vulnerabilities are being increasingly used by public-sector bodies and would benefit the commercial realm.

The AI interviewer reduces the potential for discrimination in the early stages of the hiring process.

A new study has found a strong correlation between employee well-being, productivity and performance.

From Elizabeth Gilbert's City of Girls to Kate Atkinson's Big Sky, 89% of the books featured are written by women.

As public crises like obesity and environmental destruction continue to worsen, behavioural science is more vital to policy-makers than ever.

Working less wouldn’t just free ourselves to spend time doing the things we love: it could be the key to staying within our planet’s boundaries.

Blockchain could be a a wild card that disrupts the way we tackle climate change and other environmental challenges.

Pulling out of Europe threatens the funding and international cooperation on which cutting-edge research depends, warns Michael Arthur, President of UCL.

France's Christine Lagarde and Germany's Ursula Von Der Leyen tipped for top EU jobs.

A quarter of older adults in the US live alone and spend a rough average of 10 hours per day on their own.

Leaders at the World Economic Forum's meeting in China discussed whether it's possible to block technology in a globalized world.

Finland is one of few countries that has seen homelessness fall in recent years.

While senior leadership is seen as the most important factor, work-life balance is seen as the least relevant factor across the board.

It has long been understood that AIs find simple human actions, such as visual and auditory processing, almost impossibly difficult. That is no longer the case. Today, AIs are developing in previously unimaginable ways that could have far-reaching consequences.

Looking at economic motivations in the MENA region is key to understanding the wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen. This report examines the factors that play a critical role in the persistence of open fighting and localized violence.

At the current pace of depopulation, nearly 900 towns and villages across Japan will no longer be viable by 2040, according to economists.

The results demonstrate that people across the board are in favor of greater regulation of AI.

Between 2009 and 2013, China experienced a meteoric expansion in R&D, doubling its research spending and overtaking the US with the largest number of researchers in any single country. How is China redrawing the map of global science?
This session was developed in partnership with Nature.
Simultaneous interpretation in English, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese
This session will be livestreamed on TopLink and the Forum website.

Climate inaction risks $23 trillion of global economic losses a year, amounting to permanent economic damage four times greater than the impact of the 2008 financial crisis. What does financial leadership entail as we stand at the brink of climate calamity
On the Forum Agenda
- Scaling up climate-friendly innovation
- Closing the climate financing gap
- Addressing the rising cost of insurance
This session was…

The study of evolution allows us to reconstruct the past and to understand how life evolved from simple to complex organisms. Evolutionary reasoning can help us make sense of the biggest questions in science, from the origin of the universe to the inner workings of the human brain.

The regulatory grey zones of China's biotech ascendancy enter the spotlight at the World Economic Forum in Dalian, China.

The rise of megafirms is prompting digital markets to shift towards a winner-takes-all dynamic. As tech titans continue expanding, how will the pace of innovation be affected
On the Forum Agenda:
- Examining consolidation as a business strategy
- Exploring network effects and fair business practices
- Debating the space for innovation
This session was developed in partnership with Wall Street Journal.
Simultaneous interpretation in English,…

Specific, evidence-based recommendations have altered the methods of Chinese farmers with amazing results.

Myth # 1: It’s too expensive Perhaps one of the most common objections people have when it comes to buying life insurance is the cost. I think perspective is necessary when considering the cost of anything so let’s start with the cost of life insurance compared to other purchases. We know that a healthy individual …

China's population is shrinking faster than expected, and the age of plentiful labour is drawing to an end.

In an age of megacities and extreme storms, a leader from the insurance industry writes about how we can adapt.

Japan is looking to regain its place at the forefront of global tech innovation ahead of the Olympic Games.

The collision of two trends - globalization and the experience economy - has sparked a new approach to travel with cultural curiosity at its heart.

Separations have declined by 18% over the past decade, and it's mostly down to the younger generation's approach to marriage.

Last year's Black Panther film presented the inspiring vision of a technologically supreme Africa – but progressive financing is needed to set it moving forward.

The former deputy governor of the Bank of England discusses ways to address inequality.

In less than a year, world leaders will meet at the UN Ocean Conference – overfishing should be near the top of their agenda.

From coward to apologizer, certain types of people will be held back at work, according to leadership expert Travis Bradberry.

Around two-thirds of extreme weather - such as storms and droughts - showed a link to human-caused climate change.

The research team hopes to investigate the reasons behind Northern Red Sea corals' relative resilience to high sea temperatures.

From differences in heart attack symptoms meaning women are misdiagnosed, to overprescription of sleeping pills, author Caroline Criado Perez reveals what inspired her to write a book about gender bias in data.

Once one of the world's poorest countries, today Viet Nam is a booming economy, with a growing middle class and a rate of growth to rival China. How did it get here?

The moral debate surrounding meat consumption has raged for centuries.

Norman Foster is helping the Andhra Pradesh government build a new sustainable state capital. Here are the key elements.

Faced with an acute land shortage, Hong Kong plans to build artificial islands to house more people.