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If you need proof that the government shutdown is affecting people, take a look at these lines. Scores of furloughed federal workers stood in the cold Friday in Capitol Heights, Maryland, to get free groceries. "I think I cry every day," one woman told News4's Tracee Wilkins.

Longer lines at airport security and uncertainty surrounding tax refunds paint the picture of the partial government shutdown – which is now more than three weeks old. But here's how it's affecting small businesses.

This isn’t the first play at major league sports for the 46-year firm, which also has deals in baseball and soccer

Tell everyone how you really feel with this bold and direct white long sleeve shirt with the saying "I Wish You Were Fluent In Shutting The Fuck Up" across the front in black letters.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees at Pittsburgh International Airport held a protest on Friday demanding an end to the government shutdown, which has forced TSA officials to work without pay.

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As much as audiences love to see originality and risky projects from influential storytellers at the multiplex, they also turn out in droves for sequels. Always have, probably always will. When...

The city of Wichita is reclaiming about a fifth of the tax breaks it gave Fiber Dynamics after the company failed to create the jobs it promised 10 years ago. And the city could take back more.

Konica Minolta Expands Tech Offerings With The Launch Of The Mobotix Intelligent Video Security Solutions. An Addition Further Showing Konica Minolta’s Vast Business Solutions

Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. announced on January 15 that it has acquired the enterprise content management (ECM) business segment of a Houston, TX-based software company that developed proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for the oil and gas industry.

Learning from mistakes is a key to continuous improvement. Lean is more than just process improvement. Lean requires you to think differently,

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Proper time tracking is crucial for your small business. We'll guide you through a history of time clock software, FLSA standards, common compliance issues, and easy solutions for your time tracking needs.

The Seattle Squeeze is coming, and locals are gearing up for what could be the one traffic jam to rule them all. In case you’ve been in a news and social media blackout (and these days, who c…

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The holiday season of 2018 has come and gone. You either have, or will eventually, begin the task of post-holiday cleanup. All assorted ornaments and trimmings

Disney is bringing ALADDIN back to the big screen in 2019. But this isn’t the animated film released in 1992. The new ALADDIN is a live-action film with some fresh characters, all-new songs, and,...

The new year will see an appetite for unified communications solutions grow as customer expectations increase in today’s “always available from anywhere” business environment.

A study by Accenture has predicted that growth in the AI healthcare space is expected to touch $6.6 billion by 2021 with a CAGR of 40% As on today, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are well and truly poised to make the work of healthcare providers more logical & streamlined than repetitive. The technology is helping shape personalized healthcare services while significantly reducing the time to…

As an emerging technology, the experts keep revising the definition of artificial intelligence. Organizations have to keep pace to reap the business benefits.

Incandescent, Compact Fluorescent and LED EpiphanyC19: Isaiah 60:1-6; Psalm 72; Ephesians 3:1-12; Matthew 2:1-12 January 6, 2019, Pr. Scott Kramer Yesterday I was in my office after the memorial se…

In GREEN BOOK, an unlikely pair bonds while one chauffeurs the other below the Mason-Dixon line in the 1960s. The passenger is a black musician traveling from New York to play gigs in the South....