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A franchise offers the independence of owning a business, without the risk of starting from scratch with an unproven brand or concept. Like any business, however, a franchise requires start-up capital. Is a bank loan an intelligent way of getting off the ground?

For some, a temporary job is considered a last resort; a way of biding time in anticipation of something better coming along. However, an increasing number of job seekers are finding that temporary positions can be much more than just a brief stop at a random company. Temporary positions have a number of advantages for new graduates, those looking to expand their skillsets and more. Here are just a few
Temp Positions are for Everyone – Many new graduates—both high school and college—utilize…

Annual event at American Legion Post 493 has raised nearly $400,000 over 10 years to support the Children’s Organ Transplant Association.

Ready to find your dream job? You can view job openings and apply online by clicking the applicable links below. You also can attach your résumé, references and other requested documents, and save the application for future postings. Job opportunities may be available on our Sedalia campus or extended campuses at Boonville, Clinton, Eldon, Lake of ... Read more about Work at SFCC-Employment Opportunities. [Read More]

The Sedalia Police Department has recently been notified there is an individual identifying themselves as “Agent Johnson with the Sedalia Police Department” and calling the public. The individual is demanding

The professional summary is all the rage, but despite all its benefits, it may not have totally supplanted the objective statement just yet.

In a hot job market, benefits packages become more important than ever as businesses use lucrative perks in addition to base pay to attract the best and brightest employees. From the point of view of the applicant this can be especially true. Folks are looking for far more than just a paycheck at the end of each week, and many industries are stepping up to meet their needs. Here are just a few, according to a recent article from Benefits Pro
Wholesale Trade…

In order to stand out from the pack, many entrepreneurs choose to pursue professional certifications in order to increase their knowledge of their job and industry while differentiating their business from competitors. The staffing industry is no different.

Considering start-up and ongoing costs associated with owning a franchise is it possible to save money with a franchise model? In the staffing industry it turns out that it can be, if you choose the right opportunity.

For the average American, the retirement picture is rapidly changing. As life expectancies continue to increase, so does the average age at which a worker will retire and start living the proverbial dream. These changes, however, may be a sign of future difficulties and a strong motivator for employees to develop and begin following a savings plan as quickly as possible. Here are four ways in…

When it comes to Father’s Day, my thoughts extend beyond my dad to a lot of other men who were influential in my life – for good or bad.

William Tincup, President of RecruitingDaily shares some insights on how to recruit for the newest generation entering the workplace: Gen Z.

In this exclusive Q&A, we learn more about AtWork Group and its commitment to being “AtWork For You” from its President and COO, Jason Leverant.

During the discovery process, one of the first questions asked by a potential franchise owner is often what traits they must have in order to maximize their chances of success. Though each franchisee is unique, there are four commonalities among the most successful owners.

State Farm Bank is here to help car-buying go right, because financing a new vehicle can be confusing without the right information. Watch illusionist Justin Willman use magic to cover the ins and outs of vehicle loans.

While you may be eagerly awaiting a fatter paycheck, you shouldn't overlook the extra out-of-pocket expenses that can creep up when you make a career change.

It just might be one of the most commonly heard refrains everywhere this summer: “Mom, we’re bored.” It certainly doesn’t have to be on the playlist of parents who live

Although more entrepreneurs than ever are choosing to purchase franchise over developing their own business concept, many myths still persist. However, many of the apprehensions and myths surrounding the franchise process are easy to debunk.

Due to tornado damage in Jefferson City, the penitentiary is suspending tours.

In times of full employment finding the right candidates to fill open positions is an understandably challenging task. Even when considering passive candidates—those who are employed but may be lured into a different position—the potential pool of applicants is so small that you may need to tweak how you’re pursuing candidates in order to land the employees you need. If that’s where you find yourself, here are three tips that can help you stand out in the eyes of potential hires
Involve current…

Although the Scott Joplin International Ragtime Festival has been around for decades, many don’t realize community volunteers and businesses donate time and money to ensure its success.