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Remember how President Trump publicly navigated the cunning duplicity of Xi Jinping’s control over Kim Jong-un; without directly confronting Xi? I have a hunch we are going to see the same d…

Sen. Dick Durbin does not believe one allegation of sexual misconduct is enough to prevent former Vice President Joe Biden from running for president.

You have a 401(k) at work. Now you can donate to charity at work and grab your employer “giving” match.

There are so many factors to consider when you are making a career pivot, but the most important is whether your move is financially viable. Here are 10 tips from top wealth managers to help you prepare.

Collaborate 19, a conference for Oracle power users, brings together three Oracle user groups in San Antonio, Texas.

By approaching change management with a disciplined approach, and overseeing it effectively, organizations can use disruptive technology to pull ahead of their competition.

Many people are trying to get to retirement, but are you instilling these values in the next generation? Read here to see how you might help set them up for retirement success!

When Mike Taramykin moved to Florida to work at video game maker Electronic Arts, he told his wife they wouldn’t stay longer than three years. He couldn’t imagine permanently leaving the frenetic energy and professional opportunities that exist in his hometown. That was more than 13 years ago.

San Jose Stage Company (Randall King, Artistic Director and Cathleen King, Executive Director) has announced the complete cast and creative team for The Stage's next production, the World Premiere of Luis Valdez's ADIÓS MAMÁ CARLOTA.Presented in partnership with El Teatro Campesino and directed by Kinan Valdez, ADIÓS MAMÁ CARLOTA will run from April 3 - 28 2019 at San Jose Stage Company (490 South 1st Street…

Are you planning to file your tax return electronically? Here's how to find last year’s tax info: you can get some of the information by using tools from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Join Mommy Katie for 21-minute prenatal yoga sequence, ballz optional.

Word of Faith Int'l Christian Center
20000 W. Nine Mile Rd. | Southfield, MI 48075

Welcome to the world of disruptive technology. Once considered too experimental for enterprise-wide use, everyone in the organization from the C-suite to project leaders is increasingly recognizing the power of these tools to improve strategy execution and deliver a distinct competitive edge.

A federal judge ruled Friday that the ban in California on ammunition magazines holding more than ten rounds violates the Second Amendment.

In the experience economy, old business models are no longer immutable. The new paradigm is influenced by the consumer’s contextual experience and overall outcome delivered far beyond a physical good.

It's tough for almost everyone to accept and apply feedback. This three-stage process will help you work your way through it effectively and successfully, even if not completely painlessly.

The 2019 Bentayga's been tamed down from 12 cylinders to 8 for 2019; it's still a stylish, ferocious 5-star experience.

Democrats hint they may accuse AG Barr of a cover-up; reaction from former CIA operations officer Bryan Dean Wright.

Nearly two billion people around the world turn to AccuWeather when looking for accurate, real-time weather forecasts and content, making it the #1 mobile weather website in the world.

The key to achieving your dream promotion might just lie in your ability to embrace change. Here are six lessons to keep in mind as you prepare for your next role.

HHS announced on Friday they will be awarding Obria, a pro-life California health care group, $1.7 million each year for the next three years.

As tempting as it is to trust her judgment, Swisher's claims read more like those of a Silicon Valley visionary in an ivory-tower, detached from the realities of not only how most Americans truly live, but also how many actually want to live.

Some people believe that before too long, flying passengers might choose space instead of flying by air to get to faraway destinations on Earth. Here's why that may take a while to happen.