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Considered one of the best golf courses in Minnesota, Territory Golf Club is an 18-hole (6,978 yard) championship golf course positioned on a piece of land that is host to a vast mixture of golf holes. The course starts with a “links” style design featuring sweeping topography and native grasses. It then shifts to an “up north” wooded style design with…

People buy everything on their phones from plane tickets to cars, yet nonprofits are still asking donors to mail them checks? The number of donors who prefer to give on their mobile devices is increasing at an exponential rate.

Are you drowning in data? Finding metrics that matter and being able to tell the story of your data is the key to your fundraising success.

The Holy Hammers, a group of volunteers from northeast metro churches, has been pounding hammers for Habitat for Humanity for 20 years.

Don't forget to encourage staff involved in special education, Title I, or English language learners to register for Resource's annual Education Support Professionals Conference on August 28 . Keynote speaker, Joe Beckman, will help education support professionals laugh and learn about the power of human connection. Professionals and experts will conduct breakout sessions that equip participants with new learning and inspiration to use right away in…

Nearly all of us dream of an established company providing our nonprofit with significant funds. Will it be a tech company, a car dealership, or a national chain? Reality smacks...

Beta provides founders from the top local startups with the resources and relationships required to scale their business. This is your competitive advantage.

After trying different approaches, I discovered a framework and techniques that improved my meeting outcomes and fostering of team collaboration.

Many people dream of owning a business, and a quick path considered by many to get here is becoming a franchisee. Some people believe if you become a franchisee, you are not an entrepreneur, but that’s not true at all! You can be an entrepreneur as a franchisee — all the elements are present, and …

Here are five things in technology that happened this past week and how they affect your business. Did you miss them?

Editor’s note: The following was written by Mark Licht, assistant professor and Extension cropping systems specialist with Iowa State University, for the university’s Integrated Pest Management website Feb. 18.

This course is designed for those who want to prepare to acquire a 2nd, 1st, or Special Boiler License.

Black Fox Philanthropy and Candid (formerly Foundation Center, which recently combined with GuideStar to form a brand new organization) co-hosted a gathering for capacity building partners and NGOs at Opportunity...

Farmers close to retirement face challenges in passing on their businesses to the next generation.

The built environment can shape our mental and physical health. These six steps could transform cities into healthier and happier places to live.

In theory, monthly givers are an annuity—a bit of an upfront investment, yielding solid, steady returns for the foreseeable future. In practice, they are more of a garden—plant the wrong seeds or neglect care, and no amount of shoveling manure will recoup your investment.

Waupaca County farm family has risen up from challenges to embrace technology for a profitable future.

We gathered up some of our best cold-weather tips to help you survive this week's deep freeze.

Fields, crops and farm animals are part of the agriculture-industry landscape, but an increasingly small one. The number of farm and ranch managers shrunk

Whether these organizations are raising money or spreading awareness, they're doing a world of good through their nonprofit media campaigns.

Innovation is inherently a social phenomenon; it's who you talk to, and when, and where that can make the difference. By choosing to change the pace by which we work, the spaces that we spend time in, the partners who we converse with we can improve our propensity to be more innovative.

Retail opportunities for this Christmas may be almost wrapped up but there are still plenty of lessons to be learned for next year.

Cash is the lifeblood of your business. Here's how to keep it pumping.