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Josephine Pelletier was shot to death by Calgary police in May. This is her story. – Josephine Pelletier was shot to death by Calgary police in May. Her life and death shed light on the complicated interplay between colonialism, incarceration, and police brutality. This is her story.

Three from the Hudson Valley are accused of killing a local man who was fleeing an armed robbery.

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Mayor Rob Rolison
Snow plows are ready to roll at the Central Garage Facility
In preparation for the series of snow storms forecasted to begin early on Friday, January 18th and continuing through Sunday, January 20th, the City asks that all residents take note of the following
We encourage residents to find alternative off-street parking or to park their vehicles…

ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors is the free open-source office suite distributed under GNU AGPL v.3.0. In this tutorial, well learn how to easily connect ...

To borrow a concept from the critical criminologist Michelle Brown, we live in a culture of punishment, a milieu where public understandings of how punishment impacts the lives of the punished is more often than not consumed through cultural representations that are sensational and stereotypically mediated, making penal spectators out of the public and a spectacle out of the punished.

After many years of successful Google Code-in participation, this year we did it again! KDE attracted a number of students with exciting tasks for their eager young minds. Google Code-in is a program for pre-university students aged from 13 to 17 and sponsored by Google Open Source. KDE has always worked to get new people involved in Free and open source (FOSS) projects with the aim of making the world a better place. This year was no different. Our students worked very hard…