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STAFF WRITER JENNIFER FIERRO Pam Parkman, executive director of the Marble Falls Education Foundation, knew the ideal Marble Falls High School student to enter in the Pedernales Electric Cooperative Youth Tour competition: junior Kenadee Stewart. “She found me and said, ‘Kenadee, you need to apply for this leadership tour,’” Stewart said. “‘It will introduce you …

Welcome to the Russo’s Newsletter! This week at Russo’s we have summer plants for sale: herbs, perennials, annuals, planters, hangers, window boxes evergreens, rhododendrons, tropicals, arrangements, bouquets and much much more! And we have REDUCED PRICES on selected evergreens, plants and trees!

Happy Father’s Day! We have wonderful plants for sale for Father’s Day: premium quality plants including herbs, annuals, perennials, rhododendron, blueberry bushes, fruit trees, Boxwood, hews, Mountain Laurel, Japanese Andromeda, lilacs, plants and shrubs for bees and birds, fresh cut flowers and ar

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STAFF WRITER JENNIFER FIERRO Mustang Stadium is getting a new ground-level look as crews start work June 3. Marble Falls Independent School District has contracted with Paragon Sports to rebuild the track and install new turf at the high school stadium at a cost of $944,0282. The cost is part of a bond that voters …

Happy June everyone! We have fabulous spring and summer plants, trees and fresh flowers arriving daily! Our selections include roses with intoxicating scents (really!), orchids, peonies, lilacs, lilies, hibiscus, mandevilla, geraniums, patio planters, hangers, herbs, vegetable plants, perennials

We are looking forward to our graduation ceremony. We are continually monitoring the weather forecast for Friday evening. As of the time of this email, we believe that the weather will be clear in time for our 8 p.m. ceremony. However, Texas weather is often difficult to predict, and in the event of inclement weather, we will implement the plan below:

Welcome to this week’s Newsletter! Let us help you grow your garden! Our selection of plants, trees and fresh flowers now includes roses, tulips, orchids, peonies, lilacs and lilies. In addition, we have hibiscus, mandevilla, geraniums, patio planters, hangers, herbs, vegetable plants, perennials

Welcome to this week’s Newsletter! Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 12th and we have the perfect way to brighten her day! Choose from our beautiful selection of plants, trees and fresh flowers such as roses, tulips, orchids, peonies, lilacs and lilies. Our plants include hibiscus, mandevilla, ge

Welcome to this week’s newsletter! Please MARK YOUR CALENDARS because this week the Friends of Bees will be at our store to launch the sale of Bee-Friendly plants. Fruits and vegetables depend upon pollination - and without pollinators, our supply of food will be greatly reduced. Come to learn more

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It may seem like a straightforward process, but many travelers aren't sure how to rent a car without making a few common mistakes.

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