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Sri Lanka now believes 253 people died in the attacks, down from 359, blaming a calculation error.

The UK advises against all but essential travel to Sri Lanka, where the bombings death toll is revised down by about 100.

The former vice-president declares his White House run with a rebuke of Donald Trump.

Whenever you tuck your child into bed, choose an outfit for the day or just walk by their room, you see it … the clutter. Clothes piled up on floor, toys strewn about and who knows what underneath the bed. Even if you close the door, it’s there, nagging at the back of your brain. A child’s …

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Hinsdale-Clarendon Hills Elementary District 181 will show off the work of more than 130 students at an April 29 to May 3 art show at the Community House in Hinsdale.

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We’re well into the hype cycle for the next big thing in artificial intelligence — AI for IT operations (AIOps), writes Bill Talbot....

One of the first things that your gastroenterologist may recommend if you experience symptoms of acid reflux is regular exercise, but do you know why?

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Hinsdale South High School - Cafeteria
Amend 2018-19 School Year Calendar for Emergency Days Used and eLearning Pilot April 9 and 10
The Board will vote to amend the 2018-19 school year calendar for emergency days used and the eLearning/remote learning days on April 9 and 10
Request for Release of Contract
Superintendent Dr. Bruce Law has requested to be released from his contract on April 30 so he can begin working at his new district. By approving the release request, Dr. Law’s…

This might make your stomach turn, but drinking cockroach milk could become the next health food fad. Scientists say it is rich in protein and more nutritious than almond milk. According to the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine in India, the pacific beetle roach produces "milk" made up of protein-infused crystals with three times the energy of the equivalent mass of normal dairy milk.

Virgin Brightline plans to build 170 miles of new track that will lead into a new inter-modal facility at Orlando International Airport in Florida. The US train service says the rail extension will create jobs.

Steelers defeat College All Stars in final game of the series. Game called in 3rd quarter during lightening storm and fans go wild on the field

Prime Time Pro Wrestling is bringing independent professional wrestling back to the nation's capital for the first time in decades. The District of Columbia deserves the best wrestling action in the world and PTPW will bring it for its inaugural show at the DC Brau brewery
On May 26, a one-day, eight-wrestler tournament will crown the first PTPW Champion
First round matchups:
Lady Frost versus Ashley…

If you have older pillows that have seen better days, you won't want to miss this! Learn the simple process for washing and whitening those yellow pillows.

The Chicago Fire (the WFL team, not the current MLS team) defeated the Jacksonville Sharks (the WFL team, not the current Arena Football League team), 25-22 ...

Here's what business leaders can learn from the experts on creating their own company-wide mindfulness programs.

Alliances among large enterprises are seeking ways to become faster, more customer-centric and more responsive to change.

Great communicators are better liked, more successful, and produce more value for their organizations. Isn't it time to become a great communicator?

With Easter this Sunday we understand that you will possibly be hosting some people at your house, which is stressful enough, but the crowd will likely even be family which makes it even more so! The 2 items that we have on sale this week in the deli could possibly make the stress level a little less
The BBQ Meatballs are a wonderful appetizer that certainly are a snap to make. Since these little delights are already sauced and cooked all you need…

Ukulele circle in the morning. Spring sale going on tomorrow 10:30-4:30.

Dean DeSantis says the passion for landscapes has always been a part of his life. there. He loves creating beautiful spaces and spending so much of his time outdoors.